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  1. Alright so I'm deeply in love with the feel/look of Leos Carax's 1986 movie ”MAUVAIS SANG”. They used KOWA CINE PROMINAR SPHERICAL LENSES. So I looked them up and of course they cost a fortune. Which is for a reason and understandable if you can get such a unique look. TRAILER FOR REFERENCE & LENS TEST So my question is; Are there any lenses who share the same/similar characteristics but don't cost a fortune? ”They are sharp on center, with medium/low contrast. So you can get sharp images, but you retain more detail on your shadows and highlights. This also makes them very flattering on your subject. Their bokeh is very special, with enough character to make the lenses stand out from modern options, but not so busy that it distracts from your subject. What really sets them apart from almost every other lens set, is their signature gold and amber lens flares, thanks to their gold single-layer coatings. They flare like nothing else. And since the lenses are slightly cool in color, when properly white balanced, their flares have a rich saturated amber tone that is beautiful, never distracting, and contrasts blue skies really well. Nothing else flares like Kowa Prominars.” https://www.oldfastglass.com/kowa-cine-prominar To the above I want to add; their color rendition is unique and is what I'm searching the most. The ”slightly cool” look. And the way the color rendition hits the glass is so unseen. Mauvais Sang was shot on Fuji F-500T 8570 film Hopefully somebody can help me out. Thanks for reading:)
  2. Alright, thanks Simon and Dom for helping me out! Now I know I should get a mount conversion otherwise I probably won't be able to use the lens! I will get in touch with Cine Facilities tomorrow and hopefully they can realise a mount conversion to PL. Thanks again!
  3. So simon it’s debrie mount? What cameras where these lenses used on?
  4. I know... I just uploaded some new ones! But I probably need to go to Les Bosher and see if he can do a conversion to PL Thanks Dom!
  5. So I bought this lens some time back and intended to use it on a bmpcc4k as a test. And eventually shoot on s16. Well there is. a problem. When bought I was told it was a Cameflex mount. So i bought a cameflex to mft adapter. Unfortunatly it doesn't fit. Anybody have an idea how to adapt this lens(Cameflex??) to MFT? Or is the best idea to make a mount conversion? which probably is way more expensive than buying an adapter. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1s42qk6tTJ6QFlJbgOdyhPI1sVm3H2KqK?usp=sharing Thanks in advance, David
  6. I've been looking for quite some time for Kinoptik super 16mm lenses. Somebody selling them as a set? Otherwise offering of individual lenses would also be appreciated. If you have any Apochromat's or Tegea's and are willing to sell send me a DM. Kinoptik 5.7mm f/1.8 Kinoptik 9mm f/1.5 Kinoptik 12.5mm f/1.5 Kinoptik 18mm f/1.8 Kinoptik 25mm f/1.5 Kinoptik 32mm f/1.3 Kinoptik 50mm f/1.3 KINOPTIK TEGEA 9.8 f/1.8 (only super 35 on the list) Thanks in Advance, David
  7. So I have this question in my head for some time and i really don't have a clue how they did it. My best guess would be on film with some kind of light box behind the title card and gel or digitaly. But if anybody has a idea how the process is done to get this as an final image i would love to hear it! It got a film like feeling but also not. I just watched it again and now it feels like it try's to recreate film titles with flicker, leaks and grain in a digital environment. It's from a Dutch movie called Nocturne made in 2019. Very nouvelle vague(Godard) and modern nouvelle vague(Leos carax) inspired. Relatively cool movie... doesn't really have a lot of own character because most of it is a copy of Leos Carax his Mauvais Sang(1986). It has it's own story but the cinematography style is sometimes directly copied. Still pretty good copy though. CLICK HERE FOR THE TRAILER OF NOCTURNE(2019) to see examples of the title cards. Thanks in advance, David
  8. Still available? I might be intrested in the Angenieux zoom. Does the Angenieux fully cover super 16mm?
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