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  1. I'm curious to find the best option for mounting PL glass to my Eclair NPR as well. A friend of mine has the PL to C mount adapter from C7adapters, and that works pretty well on any camera we've used it on so far (Bolex, NPR, ACL II) but PL to CA-1 would likely be more supportive. Only drawback is the CA-1 mount does not have a solid locking mechanism.
  2. Hi all, Still looking to source a 75mm master prime. Jeff's sold before our team could get their hands on it. Preferably located in California. Thank you!
  3. Looking to source a 75mm Arri Master Prime for purchase, focus measurements in feet. Ideally recently serviced. If anybody has leads, give me a shout. Located in Canada. Thank you!
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to purchase an orientable Angenieux viewfinder for the Eclair NPR. I have the original Kinoptic viewfinder which is being laser brightened soon, but I would love to have an orientable vf in the kit. Let me know if anyone has any leads! Thank you, Tristan
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