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  1. Hey everyone, Apologies if this has been answered before, but is it possible to shoot on a super 16 NPR body with regular 16 NPR mags? Or do they have to be modified to be used on a S16 body? A friend of mine has a S16 body and I have an R16 kit with mags, but I'm wanting to shoot some S16 soon. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks all
  2. I'm curious to find the best option for mounting PL glass to my Eclair NPR as well. A friend of mine has the PL to C mount adapter from C7adapters, and that works pretty well on any camera we've used it on so far (Bolex, NPR, ACL II) but PL to CA-1 would likely be more supportive. Only drawback is the CA-1 mount does not have a solid locking mechanism.
  3. Hi all, Still looking to source a 75mm master prime. Jeff's sold before our team could get their hands on it. Preferably located in California. Thank you!
  4. Looking to source a 75mm Arri Master Prime for purchase, focus measurements in feet. Ideally recently serviced. If anybody has leads, give me a shout. Located in Canada. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to purchase an orientable Angenieux viewfinder for the Eclair NPR. I have the original Kinoptic viewfinder which is being laser brightened soon, but I would love to have an orientable vf in the kit. Let me know if anyone has any leads! Thank you, Tristan
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