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  1. Searching for an ESU unit to run with an Arri 435ES. If anyone has one they're keen to sell please DM. Thanks! Ed
  2. 10mm Preset Switar c-mount - $950AUD / front+rear caps 18-86mm Vario-Switar c-mount = $550AUD / front cap Both in beautiful optical and cosmetic condition (no scratches, fungus, haze etc). Pickup in Melbourne or postage at buyer's expense. Payment via Paypal
  3. Zeiss Mk1 Standard Speed + Macro Set in Arri Std mount, Imperial $10,000USD 16mm Distagon T* / Nr61620022 24mm Distagon T* / Nr5993659 cleaning marks + small catch on front element (does not affect image) 32mm Planar T* / Nr6169476 50mm Planar T* / Nr5736779 85mm Planar / Nr4491667 cleaning marks + small scratch on front element (does not affect image) 40mm Macro Zoomatar / Nr254-1923 90mm Macro Zoomatar / Nr301-154 Comes in Pelican case. Light cleaning marks and minor dust in some of the lenses but in great overall condition. Owner-operator, not rented. DM for high res photos and further information. Inspections welcome (Melbourne) or zoom for serious international buyers. Payment via Paypal, freight + insurance and any taxes at buyer's expense.
  4. Hi there, I'm currently looking for one of these lenses to use with my Aaton kit. Please DM or comment if you're looking to sell any of these items. Thanks! Ed
  5. 4 x 400' Rolls of Wittner 200D Color Reversal film. This has been popular in Super 8 and even 16mm but I've never managed to find anything online about anyone having shot the 35mm version of the stock. I bought the rolls a few years ago from Wittner Cinetec, who no longer seem to list the 35mm option on their website. I highly doubt anyone will find this for sale anytime soon if ever. The film has been refrigerated ever since I purchased it. The film is for the 4 x 400' batches as a package, no individual rolls for sale. $2,000AUD for 2,000' of extremely rare color reversal film. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS.
  6. 6 x 400' Sealed rolls and 1 x 400' recan of Kodak Ektachrome 100D (5285). This stock is insanely rare and no longer made, I have only once seen a much smaller batch sold on Ebay in the last few years. The film was left over from a commercial and has been refrigerated ever since being purchased. I've priced this to sell and won't sell individual rolls, only the 7 x 400' cans. $3,000AUD for the 2,800' of extremely rare film. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS.
  7. I've never done 2-perf on a Panaflex but I have shot a heap on the Aaton Penelope with a 2-perf movement. It's such a great option, especially on tighter budgets. The Aaton in a beautiful camera although not as much stability in comparison to Arri and Panaflex counterparts. I've never done anything to print, all just scanned (generally 2-4K on an Arriscanner). Here are a few of the projects. http://www.edwardgoldner.com/projects/wekeepondancing-/ http://www.edwardgoldner.com/projects/new-project-page-14/ http://www.edwardgoldner.com/projects/new-project-page-8/ http://www.edwardgoldner.com/projects/new-project-page-7/ All the best, Ed
  8. I've sent quite a bit of film to Neglab since they re-opened, really impressed with their service / standards!
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