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  1. Hello! Does anyone know of a tech that still converts Arri SR's that are B mount, to PL mount? I can't find anything specific online. Not talking a Super16 conversion here, just the lens mount itself.
  2. I think the challenges come with creating a one-size-fits-all/most solution that can clear a mirror, but also get close enough to the film plane, and also be deep enough to allow PL lenses with bulkier rear elements to mount close enough to the focal reducing optics. Speed boosters are one thing when you don’t have a mirror i.e. m4/3s/Sony E, but with Super16 film cameras? One could probably be formulated for an Eclair ACL, but that’s already a niche user group. I would love to be proven otherwise!
  3. I just bought an old Vinten Vision 11 and am looking for the following accessories if anyone has extra laying around: -Vinten tripod mounting plate -Vinten pan bar Also potentially looking for a mid-level spreader. Thanks!
  4. Looking to buy some extra ACL mags, 400’ or 200’, and other accessories like side/top handles, etc. Anything available?
  5. Hey John, very interested in this update. I’m especially wondering what camera you’re using for the tap now to get 1080p sdi 🙂
  6. I’ve been trying to fill out a set of Arri S mount Zeiss lenses. One of the last parts is the 24/25mm spot. I know that there was a 24mm t2.2 Lens made that would cover a super 35 image circle. This would be ideal of course. But, there was also a 25mm t2.2 lens that I assume was made for 16mm coverage. I’ve read that this lens also covers a super 35 image circle, but want to hear if anyone else has tried this. Adding to uncertainty, there are two versions of this lens that I have found. The earlier serial numbers of this lens have a more protruding rear element. The later version is less protruding. So my main question is, for anyone with experience with the Zeiss Arri Standard Prime 25mm T2.2, was it able to cover a super 35 image circle?
  7. Looking to buy a Codex XR reader/dock, if anyone has a spare! Single or dual dock, for Codex XR cards, for Alexa XR/XT cams.
  8. What you’re thinking of doing is pretty similar to what I did. If you crack open one of the original packs, however, you’ll see the cells are side by side vertically, and 16 total cells fit in. So I bought these: 2x Exell Custom 9.6V 800mAh (8xAA) NiCd Battery Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088G27D9M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_CE4W4R3CT8EY9975PYBK Then I measured the original pack casing, rebuilt it in 3D, and 3D printed a new casing for it. I can share the design with you if you’d be interested. (Possibly print you some too?) For the type of batteries I bought, soldering them in series was the hardest/scariest part, because I had to solder leads to the battery contacts themselves, which is potentially dangerous. If you can find a pack that has leads coming off like in the link you showed, that would be safer. I soldered the leads to little crimpable metal contacts that I hot glued to the openings where the cameras pins enter the casing. Hot glued all the cells in, hot glued the case cover on. Voila. I can add pictures of the finished product when I get to my camera (currently displaced due to Hurricane Ida). Also if I make another pack I can take pictures of the process a bit more possibly.
  9. Hey Joel, Interesting. How do those adapters keep hold of Arri S lenses? Is it grub screws? While not exactly what I was looking for I might have other use for those. How many are you willing to part with?
  10. Hello, Looking to buy some Arri Standard mount to Arri PL adapters. Trying to convert some 16mm Schneider lenses to PL mount for use with an Amira @ Super 16 mode! If you have any laying around, I’m hoping to find some by Monday! Also have some Cooke Kinetals that would require an adapter with the rear pin, but that’s less urgent at the moment.
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