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  1. Hi, anyone in this forum offer lens repaint work on lens housing? I have a set of Elite prime that need to have body paint work... Please PM me if you have this service. Attached are photos of my lenses...
  2. Hi, has anyone here shot a movie project with the schneider FF primes set before? Does the lens perform well and still hold up the details for cinema big screen? How does it compared to Zeiss CP2 and Canon Cinema primes? I have a movie project coming in next year, thought it might be my lens choice shooting with 6k format on Epic Dragon sensor... Regards, Eric.
  3. Hi, does anyone here offer or can recommend where can I repaint or re-anodised my lenses? I have a set of Elite Primes that got bad corrosive on the outer lens barrel due to seawater humidity... I need them to have new paint or anodise coat to keep then dust free... Thank, Eric.
  4. Hi, anyone out there has experience using or owned a set of the Moviecam prime lenses? Saw some offer online lately for a set from 14mm to 180mm... I have googled information on this lenses but had limited source. Got to know that they are made by Canon in the 80' and they are the later version to replace K35 primes. I just wondered would these lenses cover 6k dragon sensor... Some says that they were converted from still lenses and would be able to fill up full frame sensor as well. For those who used them before, please advise me on their characteristic compared to modern Zeiss Ultra Prime or Zeiss superspeed. Breathing issue, flares, sharpness, contrast, color, aberration.... etc... Your comments would be much appreciated. Regards, Eric.
  5. Hi, anyone has experience on the Century Optics Anamorphic lens attachment? Does this attachment give the 'Anamorphic Flare' when shooting to strong highlights??
  6. Hi Erkan, I've just received another EL battery that I bought from Ebay, charged and plugged in my camera.. it works. I'm just confused...
  7. Hi, anyone out there could explain my problem?? I've re-celled my 12V on board Bolex EL battery with the higher ampere 2500mAh(original was 800mAh)... I'm pretty sure the wire connection is right and nothing is loose. When I plugged it to my camera, the fuse blew.. checked my battery with voltage tester, it shown 12V... Anyone can tell me what's wrong with it?? :( Would it be the higher amp power? (which I don't think so..)... your help would be appreciated... Regards, Eric
  8. Hi, is anyone tried using the Leica R to Arri PL mount adapter before? Which allows those Leica R lenses on PL mount camera? If I'm not mistaken, the adapter came with rear lens element to adapt the back focus of Leica lens... Can anyone tell me the result? Regards, Eric.
  9. Hi, is anyone tried using the Leica R to Arri PL mount adapter before? Which allows those Leica R lenses on PL mount camera? If I'm not mistaken, the adapter came with rear lens element to adapt the back focus of Leica lens... Can anyone tell me the result? Regards, Eric.
  10. Hi, I've bought a Super America (without manuals, not familiar with it at all..) with a full aperture gate and N35 1.85 ground glass.. got a S35 1.33 ground glass in recently, and notice that the video tap doesn't show the full picture of super 35 format (cropped on the left side).. the video split is not calibrated for S35 I guess, does anyone can help me to solve this? Do I need to change any internal parts in the tap? Or just some calibrations will do?.. Do I need to re-adjust the lens mount for the S35 set up? The lens mount doesn't has any indications for S35 or N35?? How to align if I need to? Your help would be kindly appreciated.. :rolleyes: Thanks, Eric.
  11. Hi Austin, do you have an extra ground glass TV 1.33 for sale? I bought mine only with the 1.85 format... Where could I get one? Regards, Eric.
  12. Hi Austin, Thanks for your info, I'll check that out..... Regards, Eric
  13. If you handled a BNCR or an Arri 35 blimp you wouldn't call this a beast or a tank. Yea.. I agree with that... I've tried handhold 535A through out a movie shoot.. I think the Super America got a better balancing. Just a couple pounds heavier than 535 I guess... Thanks for the info mate...
  14. Hi, thanks for your reply... I've searched that as well... It is a different camera, and the content is very simple as well. It is pretty hard to get informations/manuals for this camera on net, maybe not many people using this so called 'beast' or 'tank' camera anymore... :( . Anyway, I'm sure there are a lot of experienced cameraman around that could help me, they maybe used or owned them before...
  15. Hello, Recently I just bought a Moviecam Super America for my own low budget film, but it came without any manual.. tried to source on the web, but couldn't find any.. even on Moviecam site. Anyone has any idea where I could get it? Or any owners out there willing to send me a soft copy or carbon copy? I'll pay for printing and shipping cost.. I've never use this camera before, so.. not familiar with it at all. It doesn't come with any batteries as well. I know it is running on 24V DC, could I use a 30V DC battery on this camera? (which most Arri camera are using now). Most of the batteries in the rental here are 30V, just want to be sure before I plug into my camera... There are several 1000' and 500' mags included, most of them the LCD panel doesn't show up any numbers... only one mag that show up '000'. Why? Are they running on some internal battery? Or light up when attached to powered camera? I kind like the camera despite it was built 24 years ago... Although it is quite bulky, I think it is a good camera. Your help and answers are much appreciated.. Thanks, Eric
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