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  1. Hi, I'm looking for the best way to shoot someone in a car behind our camera car via the rear view mirror. The cars are static at this point so we could work with black cloths etc to lose all reflection etc. I do want it to look natural and not completely staged but I think that just a polarizer will not do the trick. Any ideas for setups greets wim
  2. Im interested. Could I have your email contact? thanks wim
  3. hello, thx for the response. The thing is, there are going to be pro's who whe hired with the equipment of the voiture travelling. I just dont want to look like an ass and know a little what there is supposed to be done. Im sorry for my english, Im from belgium ;-) thx again for the tips wim ps: how do you change your usersnames?
  4. hello, I was wondering if somebody could give me some advise about rigging carmounts or rigging moving lights on a voiture travelling (lowrider). Wich carmount is the best for a sony 900 camera with highspeed lenses for example? Whats the best way for rigging lights on a lowrider? I used a carmount before buth those were all for small cameras. Are there some manuals or something on the web or does anyone have a good advise to solve this beginners problem. thx a lot wim
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