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  1. Be weary about getting sand in the RED bad news. I've heard if a grain of sand gets in the right place the camera will just just shut down and be done. RED urban legend I know. But we wrapped that thing in plastic and taped most of the ports when we were on the beach down there.
  2. computers and editing software: 1 editing software has a learning curve. 2 Get a Mac. I would recommend FCP, also, if you have a Mac you can use one of the various torrenting sites to get the application. Camera: the xh-a1 is HDV not HD, there is a difference. That camera should be fine, I have shot several shorts on that camera and it is okay. Lights: unless you are shooting black and white, the lights you have are all different color temperatures and not standard ones at that(3200k, 5600k) Lowell kits are okay. If you are shooting anything you have got to have a good knowledge about lighting as that is a big part of cinematography. i suggest finding some film students that need help on their productions(craigslist, flyers and the film schools dept. etc,) and work on them and become friends with them, pay a ton of attention and work hard. Then maybe they will help you on your project, bring some know-how and some gear.
  3. Richard is 100% absolutely correct. Try getting on stuff too. Or since you own a camera or have to access to one, offer to shoot for people who know less or not much more than you. Also, putting yourself in the writer. director, shooter, editor, producer, art depart. etc will probably kill you. There is a reason most times there is one person fulfilling each job, they are all very important and require a lot of knowledge, time and energy.
  4. I'm from Chicago so it's not Packers VS. Giants, and I will never work with him because he's never seen a RED one in person and couldn't thread a 435 to save his life. I also would not be caught dead in new york.
  5. If you've never loaded 35 than you are bush-league.
  6. Well since you list your job as a loader you should know what a collapsible core is. Or maybe your just a jack off 15 year old.
  7. Apparently you didn't read the part where it was a collapsible core.
  8. My understanding is that the lab removes(knocks out) "your" core at the beginning of the process. So they don't really need it. I would think that if you are using an SR3 or another camera that commonly uses collapsible cores that they would assume or at least have a good idea that there wouldn't be a core in there.
  9. I leave it out, it's in a can, can't really get out of shape that much.
  10. they filter out infrared light. there is no use for them on film. they are used primarily on the RED.
  11. gordon willis vittorio stotaro roger deakins harris savides frederick elmes
  12. FYI, I shot my last film on Vision 1 16 stock that was kept in a fridge and it still held up, grainy and alittle age fogged but was good.
  13. You should look up Brent Watanabe's Thrift Store tapes.
  14. I think it's bullshit that that happens. If you pay for 2000' you should get close to it. Not 600' feet, I'd say at max 150' off. You're paying for it. At that point, I'd rather have them charge me a few more cents a foot and get exactly what I pay for.
  15. 35mm 1000 footers are about $650. So $140,085 is what they make off of a master sheet, by your figures.
  16. from what you've posted previously and with your metric revelation; you got shorted 200'. And by film empo's prices; they roughly owe you $32. why haven't you called them yet??
  17. Three people in my graduating class of 30 shot film. I was the only to shoot color neg.
  18. As far as I know, no place sells in seconds. They sell by the foot.
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