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  1. Hengky, At the time when the tape varicam's came out they were the best and stil are and who to say that the varicam is not full HD both 1080 and 720 are FULL HD. I have the Panasonic HPX 300 (Full raster 1920x1080 4:2:2) and are you going to tell me that's not full HD cause it is and does about 95% of all the things that the varicam does. And Pete it would help if you put a link seriously come on bro back up what your going to say with some hard facts and proof. You talk talk talk and have nothing to show it and that can be miss leading to new people. To me FULL HD will always be FILM cause I am the last genx to maybe even load film all every single panavision and arri camera you can think of. But i love the new Arri Alexia for sure but it's just another tool as we all like to say. And as always dave is correct about 720 being HDTV.:) Dave if you ever need a 2nd AC please let me know it would be a honor to work with you.
  2. I don't understand your question as far as what your asking. hvx200 does not have a fimgamma setting like the hpx300,370 and up unless your talking about shooting in 24p.And syncro scan allows to you move your shutter to a specific speed that you want (180 degree for film) is 1/48 for video.
  3. Use your tape measure that is and always will be your best friend on set. Focus pulling is a bit touchy with the red even with a 16mm and just a hair out of focus on one shot I did and then DP/Camera Op saw and and I was like wtf but that's the RED for you, so weither or not you use the DOF cal or not just always use your tape measure just to be safe.
  4. Yes thank you Adrian, that's what I meant to say and really to be honest it will look like crap and really grainny.
  5. It's sad to think that I am the last generation to touch and load a film camera even though I am a wize with HD. And I am sorry but even if your still shooting with the RED you still need a AC no one's that good. And I like how you put in caps (RED ONLY) so I take it he can't shoot with a Panasonic HPX300,2700,3000,3700, Arri D21, or Sony F23? I can get an HVX200 and move you too. It's not the camera it's the person behind it and knowing how to use it. I am not bad mouthing the DP cause he does have a great reel but those are just certin things I saw while reading the other replys.
  6. The first unit will be from either Chi town or LA and the 2nd units will be from Orlando.
  7. That I am not sure of but I have a HPX300 and its a kick but camera. I would rather shoot with the 300 any day over a sony cause at the end of the day I have many different formats that I can shoot and I do not lose any data and keep my 100mb res or what ever format the client wishes or I choose.
  8. Check on google, youtube etc... you can also check out my website as well coreysteib.com. What are you looking for in this camera and are you interested in buying it?
  9. Move to ATL or Tenn for music. Feature films, tv shows, commercials etc.. Move to NY, LA, MIA, ORL, or NO
  10. That is very good to hear Chris, have fun on the job :) and let us know how it goes
  11. Hey Chris yeah if you know all of the Arri camera IE..ArriSR then it's about the same but a few different things other then that you know Arri won't give you that many issues. You right about Pana-v their fuses go out really fast for some reason. But I say prep every camera the same even if you are going to a good and well respected rental house like CSC in NY or Panavision here in Orlando, FL.
  12. Hi Tim, I would love to see a Orlando, FL form and or even a Florida one since the three big film and tv cities in FLA is Orlando, Miami and Tampa.
  13. Hey David, I like the Genesis a lot. I got a chance to play with it 2 years ago when I was with the 600 as a 2nd AC but I am no longer with them since I am now a DP and Camera Op but I still do some AC work. And that reminds me that I have not been up to Panavision here in Orlando, FL in about a year but I am sure they are doing good on rentals but RED has been taken over Orlando as of late and I must say yes I like the RED as well but when I was a 1st AC on a music video we were shooting with the RED and for some reason it would act all crazy and we would have to wait until it started up again and it did it about 2 times. It was not cause of going from outside to inside and the DP Anthony Realmuto was scratching his head as to why it was doing that. Have you ever had the RED do that to you David?
  14. Also about using the Red Rock or Letus etc... with the HVX is that you lose the great color that the Panasonic Camera Captures as well. So I would use the kit lens and do some color correcting either inside the camera or in post. I have the HPX300 and the color 4:2:2 ratio is amazing.
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