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  1. Use them in the same way as you use your bounce boards and notice the differences between both... Then you have hard silver, mirrors, dappled silver, shiny (insulation) foam boards and even sun covers for car windscreens.. And then if you're lighting actors/talent, you have skin tone to take into consideration.. Like with all lighting, if you have the biggest luxury of all to your avail, time, play around with different surfaces to see the results for yourself.. It is really down to personal taste but a handy 1 by 1 fill bounce in a tight corner is always appreciated if need be.. Hope this helps and have fun!
  2. So as for the original question, how are you doing with it? Is THIS the solution to real time editing of h264 files come out of 5d/7d cards? Or does one want to convert to 10 bit based avi's using something like the Matrox MX02 interface and allegedly have more flex in tweaking files in the edit? My questions relate to research into upgrading into HD editing on a laptop, no bother whether it's Windows or Mac OS, as long as it works hehe!!!! LOL to death ;D Look forward to the rant... Be well!
  3. Hi Matteo! Long time! Perhaps this link makes some sense.. http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/production/dslr/video/ There are a few avenues and some clues but I'm still looking for what would be an ideal machine to maximise the potential of the CS5 suite, preferably on laptop, possibly adding in something like a Matrox MX02 breakout box und so weiter... Hope you're well and keep up the Fun!
  4. Thank you for the replies Gents... The question came up from Director/s who shoot documentary, long uninterrupted interviews, you get the picture.. Definitely seems more hassle than what it's worth at this time... Be well!
  5. Hi All! As the title says.... To overcome the 12min limit shooting 1080 mode, an idea springs to mind of attaching a portable HDD, possibly solid state to get longer recording time and perhaps overcome overheating. From my little shooting time on 5D/7D, I've always noticed that when camera is paging data to the CF compartment, you can fry an egg on it, so simple logic says that that's where the overheating comes from... And are we still getting 480p on HDMI out when shooting? Well, just an idea but perhaps some of you have something to say about it.. Be well!
  6. Any leads welcome... Been following the thread with the Hotrod adaptors and then some Polish chap flogging them on ebay..... But any takers here in London/UK? What a plus that would be! Thanks again, Daniel
  7. As all previous mentions and raves about the pictures produced and the possible nittpicking with codec compatibility, there's also the OPERATING side to the camera... It becomes a very different experience compared to.. well all other motion picture cameras - film, video and digital. Also, as mentioned, with shallower depth of field and reliance on previous 1/3" techniques (hell, even 2/3"!) you might find you have to adapt your shooting style quite a bit. Then, the mention of the sensor overheating.... quite annoying matter to be honest... But - credit to some very interesting and "en vogue" shallow depth of field shots being produced with these fellas and grande bang for bucks here... Bon Auguri!
  8. Cheers for the replies Guys... Was very useful to have a DSLR for WB tryouts with the mixed lighting and bias to our wishes... according to the DSLR results with bare eyes.... As for flicker and other works of the devil, try this lot for a fun gadget http://www.movie-inter.com/en/products/index.html Used it on a music video with fun results Keep up the Fun!
  9. just a joke based on recent experience.... was less funny at the time haha! ;)
  10. Just come back from Gaffering a short on 35mm and one of the locations was a shop, where we used the built in fluoros as practicals/ fills with winter daylight thru shop front window and semi corrected 2.5k HMI as key/back light... As I was called in last minute to Gaffer, no chance to do a reccie and so, working on the fly... We - me and DP had this doubt regarding flicker from old bulbs, fairly visible and easily dealt with and also with older ballasts that might play up on the neg and perhaps impercetible to the eye... As a backup test, we shot a wide on a Z1 set to 1/50 shutter and it looked ok - ie, no visible flicker and also stills on a DSLR to check for colour balance. My DP watched rushes yesterday and seems ecstatic about results but I haven't seen that particular scene and was wondering if others have had similar situation to deal with before and what to expect.... Many thanks! Dani
  11. I've used this unit before and it was the biz.... In London, I believe Cirrolite used to stock it but seems pretty rare... Don't know about rest of the world. http://www.movie-inter.com/en/products/index.html Cheers! Dani
  12. Just saw this one and thought to pass it on... Very original and even better story telling Enjoy! http://www.promonews.tv/2009/11/23/bug-16-.../#comment-15694
  13. Cheers for the info guys.... But don't fancy beta shooting just yet.... more play before possibly jeopardising a story I'll have a test day with a photographer mate of mine's 5D... Happy shooting! Daniel
  14. Hi All, Would like to find someone who rents a shooting kit, not just the camera... - 'viewfinder', video out to monitor, rods, mounting plate, ffocus, mattebox and others... All tips mostly appreciated Daniel
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