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  1. Hi, with a simple 4pin XLR plug you can you can power it to any 12volt battery. Pin 1 and 4 are plus and minus. the other have no function. If you want to have it onboard then make a plate put a XLR plug on it and a Vlock plate. You only need the smallest Vlock battery. These camera's don't use a lot of power. BTW I may have some LTR batteries laying around but that would only be the shells. The cells are gone for sure. Good luck, herman
  2. The filmcamera's are still around and for sale. The condition of them is often not good. As Tyler said the price is going up but the camera's need more service to have them working properly. This also adds to the price. Luckily here are some people still able to service them.
  3. Hi Samuel, I have a nice private owned XTR package for sale. Just drop me a message here or at cameramarket.eu. Best Herman Verschuur.
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