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  1. hey david, check LOUIS LUMIERE and FEMIS in france, there is a good shool in belgium INSAS, IAD is also in belgium, more television oriented. good luck!
  2. this is my last reel, it's quite old and very compressed but would love to hear comments on it :) http://vimeo.com/26882670 cheers!
  3. this is the pictures i couldnt upload yesterday... adrian i thought about the street lamp thing but didnt want to go for that choice. i like the microwave thing though :P ...i know there are plenty of alternatives, just cant see it this time, it happens no? i'll be running some tests today c what will be the most interesting thing to do for this movie. thanks anyways
  4. i cant seem to upload the other pictures since i used more than my global upload quota!
  5. hello, i'm lighting a student short film this saturday and i have some difficulties lighting a specific set. for some reasons, the director doesn't want any practical lights inside the frame whatsoever. the action takes place at night in a kitchen where an old man is arguing with his grand-son. i need to give it a soft/clean look but still maintain it contrasty. i dont have any pictures of the kitchen except the one attached. this is two interiors shots we did in a studio setup (kitchen and toilet) and one flash back, just to give you an idea about the overall look of the movie. im not asking for a solution, but maybe directions/tips, i'm just stuck on this scene and cant seem to find a way to light it. one more thing, i want to avoid any moon light thing. hope i made myself clear, excuse my bad english :) .. the grandfather and the son will be sitting on the table in the kitchen. thank you in advance cheers
  6. sorry this is the right link \ http://vimeo.com/13370184
  7. sorry its the wrong link here it is : http://vimeo.com/13370184
  8. i poseted this topic in another forum but i think this is its' place. so again, any feedback is very welcomed :) http://www.vimeo.com/13328879 shady.
  9. this is my first "showreel". not sure it's made right feedback is welcomed :) http://www.vimeo.com/13328879
  10. hello, i was just wondering which is the best laser pointer to buy for both indoors and bright outdoors regardless the price ? i've read the PD 42 is good. are there any other suggestions?
  11. they will launch 5 to 6 fireworks all different but no chance for one to test. im shooting on the Canon 5D 400 ASA so basicly i'll be full open and just rearrange my exposure after the 1st firework. i was just wondering how would they do it on film. thanks adrian (Y)
  12. regardless the support i am shooting on, how can you know your exposure value if you are shooting a black night sky where fireworks are exploding?
  13. i wasnt questioning kris and david and have no doubt they are right. just a thwught that came to my mind that needed to be cleared :)
  14. hello, i read on cinematography- kris malkiewicz and M. david mullen, asc that when using compressed air cans it is recommended to spray from the open lens port side through the aperture rather than from inside the threading area in the aperture (preventing blowing particles into the mirror area). my question is if we sprayed through the aperture wouldn't all the particles go into the threading area where the film passes,therefore having more chances to have particles stick onto the film ? rather than blowing off particles from the threading area towards the opening of the aperture and having particles go "outside" the camera ? and since the mirror shutter is used for the viewfinder then would be less dangerous to have it "dirty" and seing that in the VF rather than not seing it and be recorded on film. ? excuse my ignorance :)
  15. hi, i heard from a friend about the afilm 4 day camera workshop in spain. (www.afilm.es) i was just wondering if anyone have gone there before and if it's worth it going or not. thanks
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