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  1. Thats what I say, But apparently the robots over at Cstaf, dont see it that way, Its just driving me crazy they want 30 union days in a year, or 100 non union days in 3 yrs, and I understand that, but I had 33 union days, but 12 expired in the time between my application and the time it was filled out, ( to what I ask how do days expire???) But they dont seem very human over there and dont count days worked for internet distribution.
  2. Thank you all for your input, Actually my initial reason to bring up this topic is pertaining to Contract services and, trying to get my days to be on the roster. as most of, if not all my days are Internet distributed, they dont count in the eyes of Cstaf. Just wandering what it will take to change this? or will they just, remain as they are.
  3. I recall this was touched upon before but I cant find it, Why does work distributed on the internet not recogonized by CSTAF? What about the crews working on the shows distributed on Netflix? ( House of Cards, Arrested Development. etc) Has there been any push to change this ruling? and or does anyone else seem to care?
  4. When I used the Phantom we were in the 800-1k fps zone and I noticed a significant amount of flicker from the nine lights and dino we had. I was told from Vision reserch that the best to use was a single filament bulb tungsten to avoid flicker issues. ( personally i didnt think it would matter) but after lighitng and watching playback we saw significant flicker. swithced over to a single filament 10k and all was good. So just something to think about when putting in your lighting order for a phantom shoot.
  5. a friend of mine is a dp over there, and they used a few cameras on that film. But ultra primes was the glass and between a arricam and 435 were their main cameras. yeah that was a great movie.
  6. actually its 6in one half a dozen in the other. Its easier to slap the gel on the out side and tape it all down. If you dont hwv much time thats the fastest way to go. but you run the risk of ot comming loose in a shot. if you have the time to cut the gels and make them the window sizes and can tape ery well I think inside is the way to go. But honestly I have never had the time and always just tape on the outside and keep a eye on it. Good luck
  7. i have a older video 20 head that is getting a little rocky in some of the lower stages. What can I do about this? is there any Sachtler rebuilders in the states? I know many people sell them, But I have never heard of anybody getting theirs overhauled?
  8. Thank you, thats just what I was looking for, Since I am only shooting union commercials I found the tcr form and that will work perfect for my case. thanks for your help
  9. Thanks I was all over that site last night and there is no information about obtaining membership. I just wanted to gather some information form people off here befoe I start calling and emailing important Union people with my simple questions. But I did search here and found some info.
  10. Good luck and try to stay away from CL and any of those meal, copy and experience gig's I would say Find some young talent at the schools and get in good with who you can see has skill. I found some of my best Clients are people I went to school with and we built a realtionship from the very basic shoots, to the paying gigs of today.
  11. I hate to ask this, But I have been a active shooter for non union work for most of my last 10 yrs. I never took the road to becoming a Iatse 600 member, because I never needed to, and or the work I do did not ask me to be. The dirctors I work with have been moving up, and taking me along with them. and now their next job asked them to enter the DGA, at which now they need a Union Dp. I am willing to do what is necessary to start the process, But looking at the international website there is no information about membership or the process involved. I just would like to gather some info before I start making calls and such. Any tips would be apprechiated Thank you
  12. Thanks very helpful, I got a good greip of it now.
  13. i have to shoot with a XL1 and i am really not familar with video cameras, what is a good shutter spd for normal day ext. I dont really understand the shutter speed on video cameras. Any reference toward motion picture cameras would be helpful. thanks
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