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  1. f Plenty of people do the lottery every week, all in search of abusive wealth, so it can't be so evil
  2. Where is the evidence George Lucas or Richard Boddington exploited anyone ? It'more sour grapes you have been less successful than Richard. Problem with time lapse stock footage is anyone can do it with a DSLR or even a iPhone. Unless you really push the boundaries as Tom Lowe has, your not really providing anything that essential in today's market..
  3. So your business model is identical to Richards & every other producer. Perhaps they are all communists just trying to survive :D
  4. Which is great news, I am very happy to hear it, needs to be applied to those on social security benefits as well.
  5. I don't have a problem with that, you said a producer should have to work in a coal mine, now it's a pound shop :D
  6. [quote name="Maxim Ford" post="397478" timestamp="13837313 The rich should be given one days work down a coal mine, one day as a nurse, one as a teacher, one flipping burgers and then given the choice - they can keep their money but have to do one of those jobs. OR continue making films on a average wage. Well in the UK the poor are not compelled to work, there are families where nobody has worked for 2 generations, soon to be 3 generations. If the poor don't have to be given 1 days work in a coal mine why should the rich have to? The great thing about a free market is than anybody can be a producer, which RB has shown, so where is the problem? It's just incompetent people complaining that someone less competent than themselves earned more money , it's not fair LOL.
  7. Anybody can be a producer, so you would think it's OK :D it's just the talented ones that make any money.
  8. Phil, people become rich by continuely spending less than they earn, ie living within their means. Over time they may become very wealthy if they invest wisely, however they are always at risk of being blown out in a capatilist system.
  9. If they worked with a spinning mirror reflex camera they will work wilt all the above. The optimo DP range won't work on film cameras but will work with the above except possibly the Alexa Studio, however there will be a problem with the new Red Motion Mount.
  10. Up to a point, better to check when the film is moving.......As thats where you have the problem.
  11. The viewfinder may not be set to the same depth as the film, when the film is running.......
  12. Go to my settings, then display name.......
  13. That looks very good, a camera in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing :D
  14. In a month or 2 from now, there should be several hundred Dragon cameras floating around , hopefully my camera will have been upgraded, exciting times :D
  15. Looking forward to getting my camera updated soon, I ordered within 5 minutes of orders opening.
  16. Like any zoom from the 60's, pretty nasty! most of course will have not had a proper service for 20 years so that won't help. Expect very soft wide open, fringing, distortion, lots of breathing & don't flare nicely. Stopped down to T8 will look quite sharp. Generally Cooke revolutionised zooms in the 70's starting with the 20-100, even today the perfect beauty lens wide open & is very sharp from 5.6 until 8. 10 years ago a Argenieux 25-250 T3.7 would sell on Ebay for $300.
  17. I think your absolutely right, very few people seem to have any interest in lighting anymore, they just want 20 stops of DR & grade it later.
  18. I had a sneak preview of Richards latest epic :D, I must admit he did a very good job! Great pictures from the Alexa.
  19. After Effects can work directly from the RAW files, so just use the original files from the camera. Ideally camera compression of 5:1 or less & ISO 640
  20. The larger the slider, the more space you need, so by being smaller & faster to set up it gets used more. 30 inches is about the most you can easily move the camera without physically moving. I will use a dolly if I want a big move.
  21. I find most commercially made are was too big, the one I use the most is about 30 inches long.
  22. These people are not colorists, really not the sort of people MM is talking about, just as owning a camera never made anyone a DOP.
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