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  1. Namaste, If it is for the feature, then IMHO 8-64 has advantages like as said the good wide end, minimum focusing distance and almost non breathable quality etc. With best regards, Deepak Bajracharya
  2. Namaste, Please share your experience grading SI-2K footage on Scratch. With best regards, Deepak
  3. (it's not incredibly sensitive in low light.) Namaste, Specially reading below 40 footcandles. Regards,
  4. Thank you very much Dom. I checked with the footages shot on highspeed and the found out that the problem lies within one of the magazine. Rest is fine with the camera and the other magazine. Think that magazine needs the servicing. With best regards,
  5. Thank you very much Dom for your thorough insigtful reply. The camera is the XTR plus.This same thing was seen on final print so not the transfer issue. The camera was on solid support and I didnot notice any camera vibration during the shooting. However, the picture is fine upto the speed of 60fps. Please describe the double exposure steady test procedure. I suspect the problem is with one of the magazine. Thanks in advance. With best regards,
  6. Namaste, Please notice that the picture has a noticiable vertical movement. It was shot with highspeed of 75 fps. However, the shots taken with 48 fps, 50 fps, 60 fps have never such issue. Please help me trace out the problem regarding this issue. Whether it is on the camera or magazine or any other things else. With best regards,
  7. Namaste, A digital version of the American cinematographer magazine is available at http://www.theasc.com/ac_magazine/digital_edition.php Regards, Deepak
  8. [Come on someone do it for the aaton !!!] With the existing film gate. With best regards,
  9. Namaste, How can one typically know the manufacturing date of the lens by its serial number? For example: Canon 8-64 serial # 30304 ( mine ) Is there any more infos that can be obtained from the serial number. Thanks in advance. With best regards
  10. Namaste, Looking forward to purchase Aaton XTR prod with a set of prime lenses. With best regards, Deepak Bajracharya Cinematographer Aaton xtr plus owner Nepal
  11. Namaste, I would like to obtain the mechanical diagram for the XTR plus. Also for the inbuilt video assist, I dont know the exact model. Please help me find out the proper way of getting these. With best regards, Deepak
  12. Namaste, L-2 Front handgrip to camera coiled Cable, Magazine Retainer Housing and Rubber Eyecup with Magazine Belt and Micro Fuse Recently acquired those as the spare parts. With best regards,
  13. Thanks Tim for your valuable info. Enjoy the time lapse cinematography. With best regards,
  14. Namaste, As I am looking forward to purchase intervalometer and vsu for my xtr plus, I have a confusion regarding the proper port for these units. My xtr plus has lemo 5 and lemo 6 besides lemo 2. And also the amphenol 9 pin but this is for the video assist. Also how does the heated eyepiece work via which connection? Thanking you in advance. With best regards,
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