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    S16 and S35 Film, Silicon Imaging2K, Sony F3.
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    freelance filmmaker...www.robspencefilms.co.uk

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  1. Perfect condition. Arri PL mount. Comes with custom alloy case..original filter holder light shade, zoom bar. The gray version. £4,500. Will post abroad. I am based near London. PM me for photos.
  2. Great condition with instructions and case. I'm in the UK near London. Offers.
  3. Hi Chris....still available...have you changed your mind ? Cheera Rob
  4. For sale. I had this fitted with an Arri bayonet mount a few years back..so obviously a PL adaptor will fit it. Pentax SMC 400mm 5.6 lens with caps and built in extending hood. Covers all formats...great condition. £500. Based near London UK
  5. Set of 4 mk1 superspeeds ..all cover S16...9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm and 25mm. f1.3T. I've owned these for 17 years and they are superb. Fitted with focus gears...caps and 3x PL mounts. Padded Pelican case. Located near London UK..will ship. £10,000 (UKP) for the set.
  6. I'm near London. I have an Aaton LTR54 with X motor. Video tap . PL mount. 3 mags, grips, pelicase. Fitted with XTR eyepiece (great eyepiece). Also Canon 8-64 zoom. Lens hood and alloy case. Also Zeiss Superspeed S16 set of 4. Pelicase.
  7. I stand corrected. "The first modern film zoom lens, the Pan-Cinor, was designed around 1950 by Roger Cuvillier, a French engineer working for SOM-Berthiot. It had an optical compensation zoom system. In 1956, Pierre Angénieux introduced the mechanical compensation system, enabling precise focus while zooming, in his 17-68mm lens for 16mm released in 1958. The same year a prototype of the 35mm version of the Angénieux 4x zoom, the 35-140mm was first used by cinematographer Roger Fellous for the production of Julie La Rousse. Angénieux received a 1964 technical award from the academy of motion pictures for the design of the 10 to 1 zoom lenses, including the 12-120mm for 16mm film cameras and the 25-250mm for 35mm film cameras."
  8. Every technique has it's day when it becomes easily available...look at 'zooming in' shots when parfocal cine zoom lenses became affordable in the 70's.
  9. Hi Samuel, do you know who made the tap in 1979 ?
  10. Brian, Mine has the trays with the silver wings , just not in the shot. 3x3 inch filters...but take the trays out and a 4 inch filter can be used ( with some tape! ). Robin, the one you show is a different design, I beieve.
  11. Yes Brian, I had the lightweight bars fitted too. But the offset of this mattbox would never have fitted the Aaton anyway.
  12. The early Aaton mattboxes fitted onto the square handle rod, but this has a different offset to centre.
  13. This ia a 3inch x 3 inch mattbox ( presumably Arri ? ). Had it for years and I fitted a central bracket so it can be used on mattbars. But does anyone know what camera it was originally designed to fit via the off centre square bracket. ? (its not aaton)
  14. Thanks for all the info Charlie, fuse replaced and all is well !
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