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  1. I should know this, and I feel awkward asking this, in this fine forum of educated and wise camera people ;) How many minutes does a 1000 feet roll have in 25 fps? How many minutes does a 400 feet roll have in 25 fps? Thank you
  2. First of all I would pay that amount of money if it was for myself :-) But I'm the equipment responsible/camera prep tech at a rental house in Copenhagen, and I as just looking for a way to make it more attractive for our customers. We kind of have to, we're not happy about as we used to rent out our 35mm Arri cameras out a lot more, but times has changed and Denmark doesn't have a lot of money to make films, so.... :-(
  3. As you know the viewfinder on the F3 is not really handy, and the alternatives from Red Rock and Zacuto is not really the deal either. Does anyonw know if you can use some of Sony's own viewfunders, like the HDVFC35W, which is used on the F23 and F35? Would be nice, so the camera would get that extra bit of professionalism.
  4. I know it's a little late, and that you have probably gotten the answer elsewhere by now, but the problem was a bug in the software. It is now fixed by Arri. Hope it helps:-)
  5. Hi there I have come to Vancouver to really pursue my career. As IATSE doesn't take any applicants for the trainee program at the moment, I want to get into rental, to learn more about the gear and get some contacts! But what would be the best approach for this, Clairmont told that they don't have any openings at the moment, but then I thought of Panavision..... Anyone here that works there or knows someone there? What should I do? Allan
  6. Hi there I'm moving from Montreal to Vancouver, to try it out there. I want to take the camera trainee program that IATSE provides. But on their website there's not much info, and I haven't got an answer on my email yet. Also they say the only accept applicant's in Manitoba and Saskatchewan? Don't get it? Vancouver is one of the hot spots for film making, why don't they have a camera trainee course there? Please fill me in. Also look here http://www.ia669.com/index.php?option=com_...5&Itemid=27 Thanks! :lol: Allan
  7. Could someone answer his question. Because I would like to know too. Thanks in advance ;)
  8. They're manufactured by Cooke. I worked with the whole set last weekend. We were quite pleased with them, but they're are to big and heavy, the steadicam operator, wasn't to happy.
  9. So only Trudel you say. Btw, anyone knows if the Penelope is available in Montreal?
  10. I'm asking the people that have any knowledge about the camera rental possibilities in Montreal, Canada. I know that Panavision, also called Michel Trudel Camera Rental, has a few ARRI 535, BL-4, SR2 and Aaton Prods. but for other ARRI cameras and Panavision cameras, they get them from Toronto or Vancouver. Also Claimount Camera has a branch in Montreal, but it's within another company, called Départment Caméra, and they're mainly HD and video rental, so they also have to get their 16 and 35mm cameras from other places. As I see it you can't go anywhere in Montreal and pick up, let's say a Arricam ST or LT. No one has these in stock, not even the D-21 Help? Allan
  11. :rolleyes: I didn't mind the thinking part of the Bartech, I like that it is simple, but the ones I have used was squekee and the motor made a lot of noise, maybe I just had an old one, who knows? Saying they're crap is maybe a little over the top, they do the job, but I was looking for something more. Thanks for the replies!
  12. Since I'm starting to get more and more jobs, I will need to buy my own remote focus system at some point. I have worked with Bartech (which is crap) and ARRI. But I have been told that the undisputed champion is Scorpio. Can anyone confirm this? And wehre can you buy, and what would the price be? Can only find it for rental. Thanks
  13. I got my first 1st AC job on a 35mm short. As there is not budget enough for a 2nd AC, I'm also gonna be doing that job..... Any notable things I need to know about that camera, mags etc? It's mostly gonna be tripod shots, but a few dolly shots are also planned Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Allan
  14. Funny, I talked to one of my friends the other vday, and he had a gig on a D-21 shoot. When the aperture was wide open, the dof was extremly narrow, he even had to pull focus on some wide angle shots. He requested a 35mm print to see some of the rushes, and a lot of it was soft. After they tried to at least keep the aperture around 4 or 5.6. Under that it get really critically. But again it's just what I've heard. Good luck mate!
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