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  1. Highly unscientific pixel peping test of resolution with Canon 5D mark III and Otus primes. How sharp can a 5D3 be with sharp primes? http://vimeo.com/240315090 Download source file: 1080p (1,8 GB Prores 4444) Canon 5D3 with 1.1.3 firmware and Magic Lantern Crop_rec module. Zeiss Otus 55mm in crop rec and in 1080p 3x3 binary. Zeiss Otus 28mm in crop rec, lastly a flairtest. Canon CN-E 14mm, lasty a flairtest. In the end you find a 100% crop comparison. Interesting that Otus is nearly totally resistant to flairs. Hope someone find it interesting. And download if you can. Sorry but I forgot to take a closeup of a character... If some one has a resolution chart with a Alexa or such (not Red) and Master primes or such Zeiss, that would be really interesting to compare to.
  2. SI-2K is a bit special with ergonomics but has a great texture in the images. Any one here shot a doc or a longer project with one?
  3. Thanks but no, I don't like the solutions they have chosen for that camera. Also the camera is in such a need for external parts to work for a photographer like me. But thanks!
  4. Im not sure where to put this topic. But first of Im going to invest in a camera and optics for a some small and a bigger production. Camera budget is estimated ~20000$. Im looking for alternatives that allow me to shot by my self without B assistant etcetera. Also the preferred camera layout should be that I can put the camera right on my shoulder without any need of rigs. But mostly I shoot static shots with tripod. My latest production, a seven year doc, was shot with DV, HD, Super16 and I wish to continue my cinematography with a really small team. So what cameras is preferred for a single cinematographer? Panasonic HPX3700 with zoom optics? Something that brings me close to s16? I also with not to work with 35mm depth of field. Super 16 and 2/3" depth of field is closer to my likes. So any tips is welcomed! Best, David
  5. Hi Bengt!!! That Cavision rod is the one I bought. And regarding the carbon fiber material I think it's very convinient since I also use the camera handheld (photo taken 2009), but the weight isnt very well centered: and the carbon fiber is well matched in the overal camera color... I use the tripod socket directly under the Cavison tripod plate. Don't know otherwise, but I also have a metal plate that holds the handel in place, as you can se in the abow photo. The horizontal alignment was perfect. The only problem was that I wanted to get the camera a few milimeters lower the center the Arri matte box. But I can live with that. Its nice to hear from you Bengt! I will post my latest build soon, a Beaulieu safari M3 with Cavision handels directly under the camera housing. Al the best!
  6. Modification done by Björn Andersson, the local Beaulieu expert in Sweden. Regarding images from a mov source, I export them as still images from After Effects where all the grading is done. Take care.
  7. a tribute This really really short film was made while testing the latest modification of the camera: Super Duper 8. The stock that was used is a 2 year old Pro8mm 50D. And the HD transfer was done by Uppsala BildTeknik. Since I didn’t come up with an idea at first I remade a sequence (actually a good practise) from the future film: Chunking Express, directed by Wong Kar Wai and cinematography by Christopher Doyle. For best picture I recommend downloading the orginal file, which will downloadable to the 6th jan. Best, David
  8. Hi, I'm of to shoot this summer few rolls of Ektachrome 100D on Super 16. And there is one scene where I plan to use a low contrast filter and overexpose a stop. Do anybody here have any experience on shooting Ektachrome with a low contrast filter? Lastly is it a bad choice, high contrast film with low contrast filter? If you have experienced please tell or even better please show a pic. Best, David
  9. Thanks for the reply. So until the zoom gets serviced, is there a way to determine at what F the iris is at? Asking because I don't know how long it would take to get it serviced. Best, David
  10. Hi, I have a Cooke 10.4-52 which is to be used this summer for a couple of scenes. The question I have is whether the iris ring should make the viewfinder darker/lighter when changing stops? Because when I tried with the Zeiss kit al of them hade the viewfinder darker/lighter when changing stops. So simply, is the zoom unusable, as in need for service? Or dosn't the Cooke zoom show any change in light in the viewfinder? Major thanks!
  11. Hi, heres a supplier in Sweden: http://www.hofmann.se/produkter/kameratill...kudde-skydd.htm and Germany: http://www.gecko-cam.com/index.php?id=96 I must ask, I can see that your battery is made out of aluminum, but it is really huge, how many tapes do you calculate to use with that one? Regarding blimp, it's really necessary when doing post sync sound. Even if you try to kill an frequency it won't go away completely. Somebody will call it suitable others amateur sound. Anyhow, the short film that was made was really appreciated, even though you could hear the flickering sound. Best, David
  12. Hi Steve, I have been in consideration about buying a sync module. But after finding out the price around 500-600$ I let that though go. But I have made a short film with sync sound and made a custom blimp for the camera, it only lowered the sound with approximately 30-40%. Do you know where I can find similar sync modules, as the one you have? I can also recommend tennis tape for making the focus wheel more easily handled. Thanks!
  13. I see, then it's not such a big advancement after all. Thanks for the reply! David
  14. Hi, I have a Beaulieu with an Ang 6-80 lens. Since I wonder how the effect would be to use a Kern Vario-Switar 12.5-100mm, to achieve longer zoomdistance and hopefully good resolution images, is there a factor how to multiply using 16mm optics on Super8/SuperDuper8? As when using a Nikon F optic with adapter on the Beaulieu I calculate (x)mm times 6,3. So do anybody know what the same is for 16mm? I tried a search but didn't find much. Thanks!
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