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  1. Bob: I too am looking for a teleprompter. Try here http://www.prompterpeople.com/index.php for the prompter and software, and here http://www.autocue.info/powermate.htm for the scroll "thingy". (that's a technical term, btw!) Hope that helps. kfox
  2. As JD notes, just be sure to slip a safety cable through the yoke and around the beam....just in case! Best kfox
  3. Ditto what John said! Best to avoid GFCIs when possible. It is however a good idea to know WHY they are there and be sure to avoid putting yourself in harms way, since you will no longer have their safety benefit. Best, kfox
  4. Austin: I guess the term "upgrade" would be subject to argument, but for low light you need to go Sony. We use the PD-170s for weddings. I don't know of any other camera in the price range that is better in a low light situation. The 2100s are also good (we use these too). One opinion from a Production Director who edits about 25-30 weddings a year. Anyone else? Best, kfox
  5. Also try Creative Cow for AE tutorials. creativecow.net Best, kfox
  6. Shawn: You are correct in that things are out of sync. Do the cameras take genlock? (sometimes called black burst). This is the sync signal that keeps everything in the analog world working together. On the seg, there should be a "sync in" or "genlock" connector (BNC) on the back. (One tv station I worked at had the WJ-4600b a LONG time ago). This is an input for the signal. You will need a simple black burst generator. Connect the signal from one camera thru the BG-50 and on to the seg composite cam 1 in, and then connect BB to the other camera genlock in and to the seg genlock connector. Problem solved! B&H has one by Horita for $260 (model BG-50). Here's more if you want to take a look. http://www.horita.com/. You could also try to find a legacy piece of gear rather than buy new. Hope that helps. A bit rusty on some of the older tech, but man we had fun with some of that stuff! (If the cameras don't take genlock, then.........hmmmmm??? Could try a digital genlock unit like the Datavideo, but things are starting to get pricey. Not really sure if that would work or not. Should in theory.) Best, Kfox
  7. Newbie question, but is it better to use a 3/4 CTO gel over a 5500k fluorescent fixture to match it to a tungsten keylight, or it it better to use a flo fixture with 3200k lamps? Obviously, since the gel only has a trans of 58% I would need to use more punch in the fills. The reason I ask is that I understand the CRI of lower kelvin flo's can be problematic. Application would be for video on an interior set (interview set). Any ideas welcome! Best, Kevin Fox
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