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  1. Hello Brian, Congratulations (belated) on the book! I found a copy on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/How-Films-Were-Made-Shown/dp/0955827183 $238 USD. I also saw that digital reprints were available on your website for 60 pounds. This looks like such a great book!
  2. I just realised this thread is from 2014! Only 5 years behind on my reply.
  3. Olex is your guy. I had correspondence with him about this. I have the earlier square-front model that is in two pieces, spherical and anamorphic. I had Bernie at Super16 service mine. They are sharp as can be, but heavy breathers on any rack focus. That said, Olex has mentioned to me that he has ways to ensure the two lenses focus in tandem. I would like to send him my lenses but I am concerned about shipping them. I shot test footage with them and they are great, but a pain in the butt to work with. I was alone during the tests and that didn't help. Keep me informed of any developments. Perhaps I'll fly to Ukraine and have them coupled in person!
  4. Hello Gareth, I agree with Aapo. The key to the Russian camera is good service. I bought one about 12 years ago. Wire transfered $1000 to someone in Kiev and then waited. One month almost. My camera arrived intact, as described. But, I spent quite a bit of time researching and servicing it. Mostly it entailed opening things up and cleaning or lubricating them. The magazines, the trasport and pull down, drive gears. Olex is an amazing resurce. He had detailed photos of lubrication points that were very helpful. I shot two short films with that camera and have recently tested out an anamorphic lens. The camera is surprisingly wonderful to use. I recently came into a 2M package and have yet to shoot anything more than lens tests. I see that almost all Konvas packages for sale on ebay are without lenses. I purchased mine before the time when people were looking for glass for their digital cameras. I suspect that camera brokers are finding that the Russian glass is worth more than the camera and easier to sell so they are separating them. I recommend the Konvas if you can have it serviced and it isn't handled by numerous users.
  5. I'd suggest going out of your way to credit them. Often independent and DSLR are associated with no budget, and people working for food, coffee and the experience. If they particularly interested in the camera department as a career moving forward then they most likely would appreciate a camera department credit. Taking David's suggestion is a good one. The next producer or DOP that hires them can ask for specific details about their roles if need be.
  6. UPDATE: Solved. Steenbeck functioning. During the move the front deck was pulled up and the multi-pin connector to the front power controls was pulled out. Plugged it back in, all good. The deck needs a bit of attention but it is minor. I'm also looking for new casters as these ones are flattening out. Thanks so much everyone!
  7. Yes, Mark. No beer for the team. I was shocked when I found out it had been shipped. I'll try to reach the people who were present to see if anything fell out while it was being moved. :-) I was too upset to call them at the time. I made a quick inspection and everything seems intact. I checked fuses and reseated the circuit boards. I noticed that the rubber grommet that the AC cable passes through on the body was missing. It could be that the AC was yanked, and the leads to the fuses were pulled away. I did a visual, but I didn't put my hands in there to see if it was loose, nor did I put meter on it to check the line voltage. (yes, I checked the wall circuit to confirm there was current there :-) ) Best laid plans. I'm confident that it's a simple problem (I can't really afford an expensive one!)
  8. Thank you Frank. I'll settle into that task tomorrow.
  9. Well, that went poorly! The university moving team relocated my Steenbeck without me being there to offer guidance. Everything arrived, Except the flatbed won't power up. Nothing. I was so frustrated and angry that I didn't try to noodle around with anything. I have not idea what happened, what shook loose, or where to start.
  10. Legs do not come off. Caster will. I'll flip it on its side on a furniture dolly and roll it straight into the lift. Just need to make sure there is a clearance for the 3 inch edge that hangs over the side. I have seen two guys move a huge freezer from my basement using those straps. Very impressive. The walked it up stairs and out a door with no hesitation. I'm having it moved by the people who move things at the university I am at. I'll give them advance notice on what needs to be done and then I'll be there to show them the delicate parts. Then I'll let them do their thing. I'll snap a photo during the move if I remember and post it. Thanks so much for all the advice! Roy
  11. Yes, as you and Frank Wylie suggested I will give this a try. It feels extremely heavy, in excess of 200kg, so I was concerned about the stress on the two legs as it is tipped on its side. I'll check to see if the legs unscrew from the frame. I don't have daily access to it so will make another trip to check it out next week. The lift is fairly deep and wide but the doorway is ridiculously narrow. Thanks again so much!
  12. Thanks Mark! Someone has given it to me and I am moving it into my work space.
  13. Thanks Frank! That was my first thought (don't take the front off) when I took a closer look underneath. I had thought of flipping it on its side with enough clearance for the deck but wasn't sure if the side frame would support the weight. I'll measure and investigate dolly options. Thanks for the tip about which side to rest it.
  14. Hello, I need to move an older Steenbeck. It's been about 15 years since I did one like this. I need remove the front deck controls with the first two plates and the rewind plate so the machine will fit into the elevator. Anyone have any tips or photos of one dismantled? I might be able to follow instincts but I'd rather not remove anything that doesn't need removal. I'm not sure of the electrical switches and best way to proceed. I've popped off the screen. Here is a photo. Any links or leads would be most appreciated. Thanks! Roy
  15. This might help. http://www.analogcams.com/Manuals16S.htm
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