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    Bolex H16, Konvas 1M with spherical and anamorphic, 2 x Konvas 2M (one with Oct19, other PL) Zeiss Ikon S8
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    B and W, 35mm, mechanical cameras. sustainable film processing, V8s and Detroit rolling iron, silent cinema. University, academia, teaching. https://labcaf.ca/

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  1. The lab I contacted about ORWO TF12d noted that Orwo is notoriously slow to deliver or respond. It could take months, they said, to get an order. The lab known to have used ST9 in the past no longer uses it. I am now seeking an ST9 supplier. If anyone has a suggestion, I am all ears! Many thanks! Roy
  2. Super! I was planning to use a caffenol recipe. Thank you so much for your input and suggestions! Really helps.
  3. Ah, good to know! Clever! What ASA did you rate that ST9 at for shooting? Scanning and timing is a real art form. Given the ridiculous possibilities of digital imaging tools, there must be a setting that can help reduce that highlight pumping. I have tried many things in the processing and exposure to help avoid it without much luck. Thank you for your suggestions! Roy
  4. Super, Aapo! I think I have seen that ST9 link. There is a watermark in the bottom right corner. I suspect that is Agfas method of discouraging people from shooting. I think I recognize the Morse tank process on that footage, the pumping in the highlights. I'll try Frank's suggestion as well for the ORWO TF12d. The great thing about the 2374 was I could rate it at 80 ASA and shoot easily outside with it. The ST9 is most likely rated at 6 or 8 ASA. Any guess on what the ASA might fall at with ORWO TF12d ?
  5. Thank you, Charles. I considered Orwo, but I can't get anyone to return my calls or emails at the North American coordinates. I spoke to Niagara and they confirmed that communication with Orwo is spotty. Thank you for the lesson in edge printing. I thought it was just a spiteful action on Kodak's part to dissuade people from using it as camera stock. 🙂
  6. Hi, I shot some Eastman 2374. I thought my stock was old enough that there wouldn't be edge numbers down the middle of the frame, but I was wrong. I also have some 2378. Does anyone know if Kodak did the same with the 2378? I guess I can pull a strip and process it but though I would ask. Thirty years ago a shot a few thousand feet of Agfa ST8 in 16. Loved it. Anyone know if that can be found in 35mm anywhere? I am working on a project and would like to shoot some fine grain, high con stocks. Any suggestions are appreciated! Roy in Montreal
  7. This is some amazing research you have undertaken! I am curious to read about user results. Great work! Thank you!
  8. Hello!

    Great list of stock!

    I am interested in the Orwo NP7, maybe the Svema. 35mm only.



    Roy in Montreal

  9. Thank you, Malcolm! That is the one. Turns out it is I who is in the 50-70 year old range! And not the book. Ha! And thanks, David, for the Fielding recommendation! That particular one has some great information on rear screen projection which will be helpful for a student in one of my classes!
  10. Thanks, Mark. As you guessed, that is not the one I was thinking of, but of interest nonetheless.
  11. Hello all, I recall a book, perhaps 50-70 years old, that had a title like: "Special Effects for Movies using Paperclips and String" Or some variation on that. I cannot find anything remotely close to that title. It was a DIY guide on in-camera techniques and easy to create FX. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!!! Roy
  12. Hello Brian, Congratulations (belated) on the book! I found a copy on amazon: https://www.amazon.com/How-Films-Were-Made-Shown/dp/0955827183 $238 USD. I also saw that digital reprints were available on your website for 60 pounds. This looks like such a great book!
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