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  1. The audience might not care but their brain does. Public Enemies. Terrible. When you say the audience doesn't care it that means you don't have very much respect about the audience. While the average person can't tell you what makes Inception look different from Baby's Day Out doesn't mean they don't find Inception much more satisfying of an experience.
  2. Sounds great, here join my facebook group and I'll show you some pictures of the cast, my girlfriend wants to get into acting. Also do you know anyone with one of those video canons? My grandfather has a bunch of old lenses in his basement we can use.
  3. Hello! I'm producing a feature film that will be made by a core team people I don't have to pay (under 21). The film will have a budget to pay me of course but no one else above or below the line. It will be shot in Austin, TX because of there weak labor laws. I'm scouting the internet for the dumbest young DP in the world. If you or somebody you know are this person, please send me an and your CV because I want to be able to screen your resume to see if you might actually report me to the unions! This will be produced in a very stupid way. The team of young people will live in a foreclosed house together I got through my fathers shady real estate business, spend a month during production, buying their own meals and spending all there costs out of their own pocket, then the director and I who is my brother will cut the thing together on our imac and send to to festivals it will never get accepted to, then claim the whole venture will be a lost and I'll write it off in my taxes. A documentary film will be made simultaneously because hey the movie is going to be so awful anyway it will look like a documentary. This project is has been tried about a million times, but a sucker is born every minute. We are also still scouting for an editor, production designer, sound designer/mixer and a lawyer. Thanks, Another stupid prick
  4. There are bigger things in play then just movie downloads when it comes to the bittorrent argument. Namely the future of copyright. When the ability to duplicate is non-destructive, limitless and free it undermines the justification to have "right" to "copy". Distribution is simply a service now, not a means of production. While content creators will always have a right to authorship, the ability to control how media in ingested is soon to be completely impossible. The genie is out of the bottle. The trillion dollar question is where will the money come from to make the content. There is always going to be a demand for media, and it will always cost money to make it. In time this will be sorted, and an economy around it. It seems the MPAA and the RIAA are just on the wrong side of progress.
  5. Toronto: http://www.sourceshop.com/ Louise will hook you up with anything you need. I recommend going in person so you can see what she has. It's just near King and Dufferin, across from Lamport stadium.
  6. If you'd asked her I'm sure she'd tell you that you need to pay a license fee to even post this conversation. Don't put to much weight behind things like this when it comes to grey area legal territory. Until someone has been successfully sued for using music in a reel, there isn't really any solid answer.
  7. If you are really worried you can always use music from forward thinking artists who use creative commons. For example NIN has lots of music released under creative commons, and Ghosts has LOTS of different kinds of top notch instrumentals that all make great reel music. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ http://ghosts.nin.com/main/home (you can get the first 9 tracks for free, the full album for 10 bucks which includes an instant full mp3 download AND a 2 CD set mailed express)
  8. It's the same reason trying to get exact focus through a viewfinder is a bad idea when it's headed to the big screen.
  9. I would be more careful about jaywalking than copyrighted music in reels.
  10. Sorta like how you don't watch compressed HDV in 4k projection. It's not a question if you could, it's a question of if you should.
  11. western digitals are universally hated in most of the computer world I believe. Up there with hitachi and maxtor
  12. You can't really mount a PL lens on a SLR because of the mirror. That leica was likely a rangefinder.
  13. Is it just me or is this footage not colour graded at all? I mean the smoke and flare colour in some shots is absolutely awful. And the orange/red cast in the blurry interior scenes is embarrassing. I can't see, regardless of any aesthetic choices, how Mann can think this looks good.
  14. The terrible Rolling shutter, wobbly image, 360 degree shutter, automatic exposure, it's pretty easy to see.
  15. Oscars have always been this way. Notice how in the best picture montage they show Saving Private Ryan and Citizen Kane? You know the two greatest Oscar snubs in history.
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