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  1. Greetings my awesome fellows, hope everyone is doing FANTASTIC! let's say that the focus of the lens I'm using is set 2 meters away from the camera. If I used a diopter ( strength +1/8 or +1 ), naturally the depth of field will shift closer to the camera. my question is how to calculate that shift???
  2. I feel that one of the things that differentiate between the director and the DP is that the director judges by the eyes, but the DP judges by numbers. having great technical knowledge about lighting and photography doesn't always guarantee you that you gonna have breathtaking visuals. but it helps you to save time. It helps you to be precise, calm and confident. and most importantly knowing the technical aspects of photography would prevent you from looking stupid. I feel that doing a lot of research is also a sign of commitment. and this sign of commitment would encourage other production houses to employ you. At the end of the day. if someone wants to hire you that person would hire you, but if he/she doesn't want to hire you he/she wouldn't hire you. it's your job to keep improving yourself.
  3. Very interesting! perhaps what matters the most is not what is inside the frame or what is outside it. but what is inside the viewer. on the other day I watched Storaro lecturing about his color theory and he explained that how the same color can have different interpretation according to each viewer. may be the same can be applied to our topic here let's say you spent your childhood in brazil, now you are an adult and you saw a movie that was shot in brazil, in the same city in the exact area you grown up in. while you watch the movie a lot of your memories come back to you and perhaps you daydream so hard that you wouldn't pay any attention to what is happening inside the frame. also let's say that you are watching a great thriller and the movie reached to the point where the protagonist is inside a forest searching for the one that kidnapped his/her daughter. at this point you as a viewer is very engaged in the story and you actually check every inch in the screen to search to find the kidnapper. at this point what you see inside the frame is the only thing that consume your attention.
  4. "Motion Picture and Video Lighting" This book might be the right one for me. Thank you very much!
  5. last video I did during the shutdown... I feel that my comparison is a clever one
  6. during the quarantine I did some youtube videos that talk about the history of cinema. they are all terrible so please watch them, LOL I was the clapper of a Netflix series. after it got wrapped. I spent my time translating a lecture of Storaro talking about his color theory and now I'm working a video devoted to anamorphic lenses
  7. get an interesting story that has interesting characters. hire actors who would execute it well. and then you may shoot it by using your Sony A7 III. just make sure the sound is right. I don't thing that you need to upgrade anything. but if you are insisting of buying a new camera. I suggest that you rent some of them for couple of days and then you see with which one you would fall in love with. all the best. Spain must be cold right now. but beautiful as always!
  8. Super interesting! these dailies are necessary when the DP is making his/her reel
  9. I'm at the start of my career and as you know it's a very sensitive phase. The last few months were very hard and I felt that every decision I made was crucial. Luckily for me the quarantine has given a lot of time to reflect and to find out how to deal with others and more importantly how to deal with myself. Nowadays things are getting better and hopefully a great opportunity will come to me and I would have my chance to shine. Right now my priorities are to learn focus pulling and camera operating, then I'm eager to have some sort of intership with a mastercraft Giffer and Keygrip. Hopefully by 2022 or 2023 I would have my debut as a DP. wish me luck. I seriously need it!
  10. Apparently this is something I have to really put my mind on.....
  11. The struggle is real... As you know I'm a 2nd camera assistant and I'm really struggling because my seniors don't believe in testing and do so little in preparation. I imagine that once I have the chance to become the one who manages the camera department I would absolutely create a system that limits improvisation. everything gonna be labeled and every thing is identified. I know for sure in the beginning I would have a bad reputation in the industry and I know for sure that I would have hard time to build up my team. but after a while people would respect me and actually be eager to work with me because I have created a system that works. I guess the problem with new DPs is that they don't do the efforts to find a good mentor to learn from. and also they don't give themselves time to really absorb the information that they get.
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