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  1. Hi guys! well, my slate got very dirty so I decided to clean everything by using dettol solution. The solution has created a chemical layer that lied between the surface of the whiteboard and the ink, so the ink has became permanent. I have watched some YouTube videos and the videos recommended me to use a 90% Alcohol solution but unfortunately such a thing is not available in Saudi Arabia. I managed to get a 70% solution but it didn't work. I tried using toothpaste but it also didn't work. the final thing I tried was using a solution provided by zeiss and it just added salt to injury and made things absolutely worse. may you tell me how to make it usable again?
  2. "It is possible that the log formats capture beyond 110% but that's just where the graph ends. But they all clip at some point. Either that or they simply aren't allowed to hit 110% so at the clip point, the signal is grey-ish." "The V-log does also clip, but at a point beyond that which is pictured in this graph. So, imagine that this graph continues to the right further than is pictured here." Wow, I must admit that was a very clever commentary. I believe answering at what percentage does the [V-Log] clips requires some testing, but unfortunately I neither have the camera nor the money to buy it. So may be I i'll do these tests later. (hopefully) Thank you very much for answering my question.
  3. is it safe to say that this graph is kinda like a waveform monitor, and when the output reaches 110% that means the wave is clipping and it is a total white without any details, and when we shoot in [V-Log] the output will never reaches to the clipping point?
  4. The graph below is taken from the operating guide of the camera, and frankly I don't get it. also may you guys explain to me what is so special about the 18% input? I always see this percentage when people are testing light meters, filters or may be lenses. It seems to me the 18% is a standard for something but I never understood that standard.
  5. a DP I know has also recommended me to do yoga, at first this recommendation didn't make that sense to me, but now I will highly consider doing yoga. also using resistance bands seems very useful for me. Thank you guys for these tips!
  6. Well, you guys know how the craft consumes our time and you know how going to gym for us is a luxury that we simply cannot offer. I do push ups and squats at home, yes I see some progress but I still lack the physical strength that would allow me to operate cameras. so what do you guys recommend to do?? should I start actually practicing operating cameras while I'm in the studio during the days when I have no shootings? do you recommend me to do more exercises or do you think that I should be doing what I'm doing but give it some more time?
  7. Well, I have tried making the baby pin thicker by using a tape. It works as a temporary solution. Thank you for the help
  8. Super glad you did answer my question. and it would be super helpful if you did suggest for me a temporarily solution.
  9. Hopefully this photo will clear my issue for you guys. if it doesn't then I'm absolutely willing to upload more photos because the whole thing is causing me nightmares 😭
  10. I tried using a tape but it made things worse. can you guys help me by giving me a temporary solution.
  11. Do I really need to get myself more familiar with determining the distance between myself and the subjects around me? Do I really need to understand "depth of field" deeply? do you guys think that measuring the distance between the camera and the subject that the DP is shooting is really recommended?
  12. well.... helmet light might be a simple solution for you.
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