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  1. is it necessary for you to post your comment? it was a mistake if you MUST know.
  2. please check out my Ebay listing. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions. http://cgi.ebay.com/...em=281055473046 thanks, Mike
  3. please check out my Ebay listing. Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=281055473046 thanks, Mike
  4. i remember being impressed with the photography in My Architect.
  5. is Celeste Lite still available? i couldn't find it in the Market. is there another "sun tracker" like app out there for us Android users? -Kodak Cinema Tools: is a free app that has a Film Calculator as well as a DoF Calculator. -CamCalc Free: is also a free app that has some useful tools.
  6. Sven Nykvist's early work with Bergman comes to mind. check out Cries and Whispers and Autumn Sonata.
  7. Great thanks a lot, Mark. is FilmCalculator similar to pCam? i'm not actually sure what pCam has to offer or if you even know, but thought i'd ask anyways.
  8. unless you have a time machine one might not make it.
  9. good question. normally there's an announcement on their website( http://www.theasc.com/ ). i think its the afternoon of their award show or the day before. i'm not a 100% sure though.
  10. wow, is that it? is there really only one true IMAX screen in LA proper? what about the screen at USC?
  11. nice! what nationality would he be? he should have a website and a reel for all editors, directors, and/or producers to watch in order to remind them all why DPs are hired in the first place. New England Patriots'(American football team) head coach, Bill Belichick, has a saying to his players, "just do YOUR job!" i think that should apply to our line of work as well.
  12. interesting. has anyone seen Avatar 3D IMAX in L.A.? i was thinking about going the see it at the AMC Century City theaters since the price of admission is much cheaper then The Bridge, Howard Hughes theaters. after viewing the link above i think i should probably save up and go see it on a "real" IMAX screen.
  13. many great films mentioned. i agree with the nominations for: There Will Be Blood The Diving Bell and the Butterfly The Lives of Others Downfall The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Y tu mamá también amores perros Lost in Translation No Country for Old Men in addition to those amazing films, here's my list (more then 10, but my brain started to hurt too much trying to narrow it down to just 10). excluding ALL docs and comedies and these are the English titles: the proposition crazy heart dot the i into the wild the motorcycle diaries before night falls capote garden state igby goes down little children maria full of grace monster monster's ball sexy beast sherrybaby the anniversary party The Assassination of Richard Nixon the matador The United States of Leland The Baader Meinhof Complex entre nos troubled water the squid and the whale the woodsman
  14. if all of the actors could of gotten their accents right i'd have to agree with you.
  15. items are now on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-SBP-8-8GB-SxS-PRO...=item414b3c097f
  16. Two Sony 8gb SxS cards or one-8gb and one-16gb up for sale. ya see, i have 2-8gb and 1-16gb. i need to keep one for myself. one of the 8gb has hardly been used. heck, i only have 215 hours on my camera so balance that out between a 16gb and a 8gb and they're pretty much in like new condition. ok, a NEW 8GB sells for an average of around $480 US with S&H according to a Google search, so with my generous, near 40% OFF discount let's set the price at $300 USA OBO. and a 16gb NEW is still selling for $800, so with my very generous discount of 40% OFF, the price will be $500 USA OBO. 8gb= $300 obo 16gb= $500 obo IM me with an offer. i suppose that's how this works. thanks, Mike
  17. It seems like a lot of people have been using the pCam app, on their iPhones. I'm curious to see if there are any cine apps for the Android/Google market, ie: G1 and MyTouch 3G phones? FYI: i've already emailed David who creted pCam. thanks, Mike
  18. according to the editor, 97% was shot on the F23. check out the 7:00 mark of this interview. http://digitalcontentproducer.com/po..._enemies_0909/ i just got back from the theater where i saw a film print. i could definitely tell which shots were done with the EX1. the angles were great but image didn't hold up very well. neither did the F23 footage for that matter. very noisy images even if in nicely light day exteriors. personally, the F23 and EX1 are not made for dramatic lighting for film-outs. S16 looks much better then this print did and today was Opening Day. the print should be flawless.
  19. Theaters with Sony 4K Digital Cinema Projectors: http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/mkt-digitalci...Locations.shtml
  20. great new for L.A. viewers. The Landmark Theatres in West LA are showing the film on 2 screens. 4K Sony digital projector and film. i'm gonna see it on film first since its a fresh print and digital projection next time. enjoy!!!! http://www.landmarktheatres.com/Market/Los...es_Frameset.htm
  21. well, i've never seen a film-out from this camera. that's the main reason. your points are valid, but they recorded to SRW decks with the EX1s and that method would produce a 10bit 4:2:2 image.
  22. how often do you really notice the rolling shutter in your work? is it that common? what type of operating do you do? if you're noticing a lot of artifacts then i think you've been shooting for Oliver Stone too long. some of his movies give me headaches. ouch!!!
  23. Anybody excited about seeing EX1 footage on the big screen? i hope i get to see a film-out and not a 2/4K projection. either way, i'm kinda excited. ok, maybe just curious.
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