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  1. The way I've always done it going back to my film days, is the lens support post screws directly into the mounting collar on the lens (most of the time) and when correctly balanced the setup will slide smoothly right up to the mount and positively lock with no friction or force needed when properly aligned. You should be able to test the weight and setup by loosening the mount from the rods and it will slide right back perfectly balanced. Afterwards, you'll probably be quite pleased with yourself and you'll walk off and go have a beer and brag up a storm about how awesome your lens balancing skills are and so forth.
  2. The Tiffen Antique Suedes are fairly mild for #1 and #2 with #3 being of course the strongest. I'll take a pic of the filters I have against a neutral BG so you can easily see the difference.
  3. Expanding a bit more on movies as good examples where a "warming" look was chivied either through filtration or combination of timing, I've been looking for scenes from particular films where that look really stood out. Apocalypse Now has some very rich scenes that are very "warm." Since AN was shot many years before Di I'm wondering if that might have been achieved in post? It looks like a #3 Antique with even a Chocolate Combo. Does anybody know? The Proposition, Australian western from 2005 also has several shots that have a very rich "warming" effect. I have a American Cinematographer from 2005 but there's not mention of filtration effects. The first mention of the Antique Suede, which made me make a special stop at Abel Cine in 2000 to buy a 3x3 AS #1, was the mention of their use in "George Washington." I loved that look and wanted it for a look I was going for in the first 35mm film I made straight out of college. My "Antique Suede" looks I'm getting today are simply a bit warmer with the color temp with a touch of green. Works wonders. But I am much more interested in how it was done in the day of chemical releases.
  4. Will likely list these for auction at 6.00 PM Pacific this evening if a best offer is not made. Many thanks!
  5. Up for Sale are absolutely BRAND NEW and NEVER USED Sony NP-FZ100 Battery and Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger. Both of these items just arrived with a Sony A7R III Camera Package. Removed from packaging just moments ago for photos and promptly placed back in original packaging. $130 for Both or BEST OFFER + $7.00 Shipping Feel Free to text at 702.289.9618 or message me here. Battery New from B&H is $78.00 Selling for $60 Charger New from B&H is $88.00 Selling for $70
  6. Wow, Robert Hart. There's a world of info in those posts and I'm very appreciative. I'll go through them again tonight when I get home to try and glean some of the 99% of what went way over my head just now. I had thought about doing trying to get a shot using the ground glass off an old 4x5 speed graphic, but it needs to be telephoto. There's a lot of good ideas and suggestions all around. Another reason I want to try and do this all "in-camera" simply because it's fun and I have the time before we shoot on the 23rd. But I will shoot a couple of takes that are clean in case I can get more realistic results in post. The one thing I am not after is something that looks stupid, which is what often happens when people take too firm of a stand.
  7. I have an old Canon zoom that I can 'Frankenstein' with the elements. I have a couple of weeks to try something.
  8. I'm going to be filming a scene for a western where a character is being pursued on a dry lake-bed where those giving chase are perhaps a half-mile behind. The lead character pulls out an old spyglass to gauge their position and I want to degrade the image and make it both interesting and realistic and I want to do this all "in-camera." I'm likely going to stack some old filters, (one is a pitted Black ProMist and the other is a 4x5 filter I made from a 150-year-old window. I'll likely use an old Canon FD telephoto zoom at f22 @ 100mm. This added depth of field will make the debris on the filters more pronounced. Can anybody suggest anything else I can do to scuzz up the image to make it interesting? I've even thought of putting a thin coat of greenish motor oil with flakes of hair and other stuff, but I could be taking this too far by doing that. Love to hear some suggestions. Should be fun.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/292720234241?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Up for auction is a brand new Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger for the Sony A9, A7R III, A7 III camera line. This Sony Charger is absolutely brand new and never used. Charger came with my new Sony A7R III camera. B&H sell these new for $88.00 I'm asking $70. I am also selling/auctioning a brand new Sony NP-FZ100 Battery that is brand new and fully compatible with this Battery Charger.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/292720203530?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Up for auction is a brand new, unopened Sony NP-FZ100 battery for the Sony A9, A7R III, A7 III camera line. I bought this battery brand-new from B&H in July. B&H sells these for $78.00 I'm asking $60. I am also selling/auctioning a brand new Sony BC-QZI Battery Charger that is fully compatible with this battery.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was Wells use of overlapping dialogue, especially in an early newsroom scene, is what inspired Steven Spielberg's heavy use of this technique throughout his career.
  12. Thank you Dom. I've never had this issue before with Canon or Red, but the article you linked helped a lot. Many thanks.
  13. Just processed some 4K video and Sony RAW images I made with a Sony A7R III. Used at Canon 24-70 @ 65mm f 3.2 1/50 and a B+W 10 stop ND filter. Can anybody chime in as to what might have caused these weird horizontal dotted lines through the suns flare? It happened in both motion video and stills.
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