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  1. 3 Axis Letus Helix 2 batteries 1 charger Red 6 pin power cable custom case 2800$$
  2. Letus Helix 4-Axis Gimbal Camera Stabilization System (aluminum) bluetooth, recent upgrades, tested 100% working (located in san francisco CA) 4 axis gimbal package. asking 3850$ (($5,810.00 new+tax on Letus.com)) joystick 2 fresh batteries 1 charger d tap to lemo red 6 pin power cable custom case with custom foam insert
  3. I take no issue with those asking for free work. Some of my favorite jobs I was unfortunately working for free. (they were exceptions though) I have owned and operated a number of businesses and one counter intuitive fact I have learned is people don't really work hardest for money. When it comes down to it there are more powerful motivators. Low budget indies and pizza/junk food are synonymous, I really appreciate good food, but got to choose ones battles. If I am working low budget I usually come with a brown bag lunch like a badass, and focus on the work. This all said In my experience if you cant raise a few thousand dollars (as a producer/director) for an art film/short film/experimental film/etc than you probably cant make a movie.. Lots of content these days, not a ton of quality, certainly not more than yesteryear. Making a film is difficult. Working any job and saving a few grand to pay a crew is easy. SO... I dont work for free, not because of the money or food.. Because 9 out of 10 it will be uncommitted people doing marginal uninspiring derivative junk and will urk you every time you see the imdb reminder. However if I choose to show up for free I will work my butt off without complaints! So JD I feel your pain, but don't let it get to you!
  4. I have only been in Reel Dir and use it to find crew.
  5. Bill, cameras used; Canon 5dmk2, Red one, Red Epic, Red dragon
  6. https://vimeo.com/85919294 Newish camera reel. 2min.
  7. Hi! I am looking for a good 1st AC for a very small commercial shoot. Should be a short day. The 27th of Jan. Will be in the bay area. Really looking to meet a new great camera assistant for local ongoing gigs.. My regular contacts are all fleeing to LA! RED Dragon camera. Please have experience. Email me @ obertonejeremy@hotmail.com Let me know your preferred rate and experience. thank you!
  8. Updated reel, some new footage. Opinions, critiques welcomed. If I were to cut it in half what should I loose? TRT 2:09 http://vimeo.com/obertone/reel
  9. Sold! RED Scarlet Dragon/Letus Helix/Zeiss Contax lens set, now available.
  10. Epic-m Dragon for sale. Body only. 20 hours use. very good shape. New OLPF. Make me an offer.
  11. Due to a slow month and Reds drop in price, I can offer the dragon for drastically lower rental prices. Like half. I can work with any budget for short or long term rentals.
  12. Yea Ben, +1 for Zeiss contax. Wonderful vintage lenses for the cost!
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