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  1. Sounds weird to say this, but I know what you mean by that. It was a delicate situation to work in the racial humour in the film. The lovability of Eastwood's character and his change of heart seemed to make the racial slurs seem endearing? By the end of the flick they are all laughing at the jokes he once was serious about. They did a good job of keeping it all very tasteful.
  2. I saw it and thought it was terrific. I very involved with the story (which i suppose is primary) and the cinematography was amazing. Every shot had something unique to it. Not to mention incredible imagery/symbolism and use of colour. I think the one shot that shows Latika as a young women at the very beginning sums up how our protagonist feels about her. All the yellow, the reversing trains as the camera zooms out, her smile... So many examples from that film. But yah yah yah, all that intellectual stuff. Really, it was just a great story when it came down to it. The juxtaposition of the "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire" and the poverty the characters went through produces a lot of irony through out that can be appreciated by anyone - not just people reading into every detail like myself lol I could write a whole essay on that film it feels like. I was happy to see a film of its caliber come out, because I have been disappointed more often than not with some films of late. Lots to learn from Slumdog Millionaire.
  3. Yes, your actors looked like they did an excellent job from the pictures here. The one with the male looking startled across the top of the hood is a great one.
  4. I'm Canadian and this makes me shudder a bit reading it. Our government isn't very good at seeing the long term benefits. Long term benefits being some funding for the arts - namely film here. It would take time, but with funding people could gain some good credibility, and the all important dollar will follow. Instead, we would prefer to do it this way...
  5. Do you have any of the assignments posted somewhere we could see them?
  6. Verisimilutude I think you mean? I think that "real-life feel" could be attained many different ways and through many formats. Sometimes the unreal images draw out emotion while the stark realistic shot can drive home the message better. I understand you are addressing one variable (35mm v. Video) and I am not very experienced at all - but I believe both formats could do equally good jobs with different approaches.
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