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  1. The base jumpers were real. Bay has no regard for people. He involved an extra, Gabriella Cedillo, in a stunt, which resulted in her skull being split open by a cable and leaving her permanently paralyzed. Of course the production company was completely blameless and the girl should have known what the risks were when she signed here life away for $65/8hrs. http://www.namelist.co/2010/10/gabriella-cedillo-paralysed-after.html
  2. Thanks Stephen. I know this is kind of a subjective question that I probably can only answer for myself, but if you were on a student budget and had a set of Schneiders, would you think that this purchase would be a significant enough upgrade to warrant the expenditure? Do you think these Zeiss will retain their value? I've never used the Zeiss but I like the Schneiders for certain things.
  3. A guy I know recently offered to sell me an incomplete set of Zeiss 35mm lenses 16, 32, 50, & 85 (distagon & planars, T 2.4 for the 16, and T 2.2 for the rest). These do not have the T* and are in arri standard mt. He asked me to make an offer. I have no idea what these lenses are genuinely worth. I don't want to low ball and nor do I want to offer too much. What would be an acceptable price range? They are all in excellent condition. The 16 has a slightly dinged front rim. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Does this serial number look right to you? I saw this offered online but thought it had been altered.
  5. I am thinking about buying a 2C but I noticed that the baffles (vertical metal strips) are missing from the ground glass holder. Would this pose a problem? Has anyone encountered this?
  6. This is a frame grab from the problem footage. Again this looks good on the NTSC monitor but transforms into this on the computer. De-interlacing does nothing to rectify this. Any thoughts?
  7. I had some p2 problems yesterday which necessitated shooting part of a piece on mini dv, 30p squeeze, B-STR setting. When I tried to capture the footage looked fine on the ntsc monitor but looked awful in FCP. The edges of the performers and other objects were highly pixelated, especially against the blue background. I tried capturing several times on different computers and decks but encountered the same problem. Any thoughts on how to rectify this?
  8. How do the old arri standard mount 35mm format Zeiss lenses before the T* compare with Schneiders of the same period? Is there a significant difference and if so what? Would these lenses intercut? How do the pre T* compare with the T*?
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