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  1. https://bscine.com/news?id=421 RIP.
  2. Er, yes, I am aware of that. I was referring to his work on 2001, not the reason for his unavailability, hence the brackets.
  3. Thanks for the considered replies, guys. I didn't know Taylor was fired from Conan, perhaps he was just too old school for the movie brats, although it was no.problem for Spielberg and Dougie Slocombe and his British crew on Raiders etc. Apparently James Cameron organised a screening of The Terminator at Pinewood for his crew, to demonstrate his abilities but none of them turned up! I understand Dick Pope was fired because he was overlighting the sets when Cameron wanted a much darker moody look, similar to Alien.
  4. I'm not really a fan of the whole world of Star Wars but was aware of the relationship (or more accurately, lack thereof) between Gil Taylor and George Lucas. In an interview in Conservations With Cinematographers, Taylor makes it clear he had virtually no contact with Lucas and was largely left to his own devices on how to photograph SW. How on earth did a situation like that arise, given that the relationship between director and DOP is probably the most important on set (other than perhaps, with the actors). I understand that Lucas wanted Geoffrey Unsworth (who was unavailable)primarily, I assume because of his 2001 duties but instead settled for (2nd choice?) Taylor as he had shot Dr Strangelove. Presumably the two men actually met beforehand and discussed the project, so what went wrong in their relationship so quickly and whose fault was it? Was it personal or professional or is Lucas just not an easy man to work with or for, as his behaviour seems rather petulant and childish given his responsibilities? I understand he wasn't great with actors either and Alec Guinness hadn't got a clue what was going on or what he was meant to be doing! Admittedly I've only read Taylor's brief side of things and I understand Lucas wanted to fire Taylor but never did, (presumably because they feared the British crew would walk if they did). Either way there must have been a very awkward and strained atmosphere on set, hardly conducive to great film-making.
  5. Probably best remembered as the second unit Director/DP on several James Bond films from 1981 onwards and many other action features. https://bscine.com/news
  6. The Academy has announced that the Oscar for Best Cinematography (and Editing) won't be shown live but awarded during a commercial break and this was announced by John Bailey ASC! Good move though, after all it's not as if either craft is really that important in the film making process.🤔
  7. They have been. The whole series of 'Little House' is available on Blu-ray, but only on Region 1. I've seen the trailers and they do look very impressive.
  8. Storm Thorgerson. He designed the cover for Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon and directed the films shown as back projection at Floyd gigs for years.
  9. Here's an excellent interview with Rob Hardy from British Cinematographer magazine about MI:Fallout. https://britishcinematographer.co.uk/rob-hardy-bsc-mission-impossible-fallout/
  10. Ronnie Taylor BSC, has died at the age of 93. He won the Oscar for his work on Gandhi,( shared with original cinematographer Billy Williams BSC), he had taken over when Williams had become ill, although the majority of the work was Williams'and worked with Richard Attenborough on many of his projects as operator and then DOP. https://bscine.com/news?id=275
  11. Hey Guys, Just to save my embarrassment, I was trying to be light hearted about hand holding that camera, but come to think of it, with 3 or 4 big grips to assist I'm sure some old style operator would have given it a go!
  12. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses and info.I notice the wide angle shots in Patton (which Shaffner and Koenekampe seemed to favour as I remember some in Papillon too) appear to have been handheld? Not sure how you manage those with a camera like this?
  13. Just finished watching Franklin J. Schaffner's "Patton" photographed by Fred J.Koenekamp in Dimension 150. Interesting that only two features were ever shot with this process and was wondering what we're its pros and cons and why it never caught on?
  14. If no one else can advise, I'd suggest you consult Arri, who own Moviecam now. support@arrirental.co.uk
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