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  1. Bruce, thank you for your answer! My main goal is to use this spot meter for shooting on film so I think that zone VI would be a benefit for me. Anyway, still looking for a spot meter! Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm looking for Soligor digital spot (Zone VI modified), Minolta, Pentax, Sekonic or other dedicated spotmeter. Thank you!
  3. Hi, CINE mode built in. It's not new, but works as . It has some scratches on the screen protector (not on the actual screen) also some marks on the plastic body. I'm selling it because I use it mainly as a spot meter and I'm planning to buy a dedicated one with 1 degree viewfinder. I can upload more photos and/or videos if needed, Includes: Sekonic L458D (339 USD new) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1219219-REG/sekonic_401_474_litemaster_pro_l_478d_u_light.html 5 degree Spot attachment (109 USD new) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/891482-REG/Sekonic_401_364_5_Degree_Spot_Viewfinder.html/xpcur/XAUD/IWB/AU?c3api=2572%2C113041916107&gclid=CjwKCAjwqarbBRBtEiwArlfEIAN3NICQBemmwhbex4J2qUvg1feTQc9RQo_CXktpAXtkEKD-LK8y4BoCasMQAvD_BwE Sekonic L458D case ( 24.95 USD new) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1029888-REG/sekonic_401_857_deluxe_case_for_l_478_series.html total worth: ~473 USD my price: 350 USD (negotiations possible) Vilnius, Lithuania, buyer pays for international shipping
  4. Hello, I'm looking to buy budget spotmeter:) Thanks
  5. Hi! Maybe someone has a set that he/she wants to get rid of? I'm looking to buy set of those - for low asa, high asa and B&W Also, somewhere I saw Fuji Viewing filters. Did Kodak also made some? Thank you. N
  6. Are you talking about EKRAN or CKBK(SKVK) lenses?
  7. Guys, Thanks for your answers. Sadly, I live in Lithuania. As far as I'm aware of, we have only 2x Gaffair 1.2kW in rental houses. I'd love to use this beast. Do you think few of 1.2 kW would be enough? Yes, maybe, but they are quite a bit more expensive, aren't they? Again, Thanks for everyone!
  8. Maybe then it would be better to use some Fresnel HMI's like 2x Arri M18, spot them into 12x12 and bring the whole thing farther away? I worked mainly with tungsten so I'm not sure how much output this would give. Thanks
  9. Hi, what's the best way to imitate a really soft moonlight with small budget. I'm able to have 2x5kW generator. I don't need to cover a lot of space(3meters/10ft x 10meters/30ft), EXTERIOR, I need to use it as a fill just to get enough exposure for blacks. I'm shooting on Kodak Vision 500 T, which has 250 ASA left. The main light source will be a lot of fire torches - one for one actor. they give me enough exposure on the faces (f 4 - f2,8), so, as I said, I need the moonlight for filling and raising up the blacks. I was recomended to use 4x Joker Bug 800 + Standart Lantern chmeras. I never used them. Do you think they would have enough output? Thanks !
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