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  1. Anyone looking to pick-up a DXA-5da for cheap? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190548211236 Thank you!
  2. You are right about NYC vs LA. LA is all about the studios. It's very difficult to do independent work. NYC may be similar. It might even be better to check out Chicago, Austin, Albuquerque, etc. Those places are boom towns now for indie filmmakers. You might want to try doing grad school, will give you an opportunity to find a job and then you can stay.
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to share some information about a new short film festival. Free Entry. Not too many strict rules. Open to all short films under 15 minutes. If you've guys have made any shorts, might as well enter them. It's free. http://flickfire.com/festival
  4. Hey guys, I'd love to get your feedback on my short film, Their Symbols. http://flickfire.com/kevin?pv=demo_reel&reelid=260 Thanks in advance!
  5. It's very interesting, I'd like to have more visuals though. Pretty much the majority of the doc you had him sitting down or you were showing images of his games.
  6. You might want to try a portfolio page on FlickFire, it's pretty, does the job, and also helps with networking. http://flickfire.com/kevin
  7. UT is a good school, especially for documentary, as they have some of the best documentary professors. Look for the crowd to be mostly indie. There's not as many filmmakers who are interested in mainstream works, and most of the professors' works are very experimental and indie in nature. With that being said, UT is a good school with good resources. Probably not going to be as good as Los Angeles, but it's set in a great film boom town. Anymore questions? Just talk to me.
  8. I'm a complete audio noob so please excuse my questions. Here we go. 1) Are mixers able to record sound too or are they just fed into the external audio recorder? 2) Is the pre-amp the key to noise-free sound? If not, what is? 3) Is pre-amp and mixer the same thing? If not, what's the difference? 4) Don't recorders like the zoom h4n and tascam dr-100 have pre-amps? Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone, Worked as a DP and edited for this short film. Here's a scene from the film. Would like to get critiques on the shots, lighting, and overall cinematography. Also would like critiques on the acting if you could.
  10. No I completely get the idea of film first, beg forgiveness. I think my question more has to do with, if I make my film and it goes to the festival, then some guy sees his property in there, can he sue me or make me get shots of my footage out of my movie.
  11. What are the laws regarding filming in public, such as on street corners, etc. for LA. Also, let's say you're filming outside an apartment complex, is that legal? Thanks.
  12. So it was just good lighting, good camera, good DP?
  13. Here is the video I am talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAktw3rU22k It looks like the quality of the image is just superb, but I can't really figure out why (maybe lighting? color correction?). To me it almost looks like HDR. How can this be achieved in the editing room?
  14. You can already get it for 700 if you get it used. When Canon 60D comes out it'll probably be even cheaper. Your call.
  15. Has anyone had the problem of needing a tough location and not being able to find it? Is there a website where you can find locations for films? For example, I really need a shot inside a prison. How would I go about getting that shot?
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