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  1. The looks we are trying to perceive is a film look but that's sharp as HD. We want to show a girls skin's flaws, such as extreme acne, wrinkles etc.
  2. Would you shoot your short on a Panavision G2 35mm at 4 perfs or on the Arri Alexa? Money is not an issue at the moment. =D!
  3. Might have to be color corrected then. I know about the overheads (muslin, silk, and black) but from what David said I guess 12x12 gels don't exist. What we are trying to do is basically create a whitewash skylight that isolates all colors. Seem's like a cool 1/8 blue gel on a huge HMI + color correction would do the job. Think of the look as yourself being in the middle of the desert but also in the no-time realm where it's all white and trippy looking.
  4. Any ideas? I would like to gel the sun with a white color. Do 12x12 Gels exists?
  5. Here's quick draft that summarizes story. There's a lot more by the way... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LF7qKEP0Oo4
  6. Here's the bus place, I have already scouted the area and it looks great. You can view the rest here my dudes. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=268987&id=645119497
  7. Make it daylight balance? Idk, or do you recommend a Daylight balance film?
  8. It's two locations that take place in the night. One is a street chase (ex. dark knight look) , the other is a junk yard. It is being shot on 35mm. Would a 5219 Kodak Vision 3 500T be good/ with an 85 on it?
  9. That's without the CGI right? Because I am doing my own CGI for free. $7,000 for two minutes? It doesn't make any sense. Well in that case I guess shoot on the RED? That should could it down to like $1000? Here's Black Star by the way...
  10. I have a two page short I would like to shoot on 35mm. What would be the cost? There is some CGI.
  11. Any suggestions for lighting the exterior of this house? It's a night scene, and the woman is confused. The director want's a blue look. This is what I have to work with (2) 2k Mighty's (1) 1k solar spot (2) Kino Tungsten 4 Banks (2) Tungsten Diva (1) Tweenie Kit (2) In betweenies 12x12 Diffuse and etc. I wanted to blast both 2ks through the diffuse cloth over the yard. Then fill the bushes etc, with the kinos, use the 1k with a jade on it to light the driveway. Maybe even add an 82 A filter She then walks to the porch that has a practical tungsten color, which maybe I can just use the kino 4 bank? What do you think?
  12. Lol!!! When I saw the picture of the film can for some eccentric reason it reminded me of King Kong :lol:
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