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  1. Now that it's almost 2016, does anyone have any other examples of 2 perf films scanned at 4k? How common is de-graining now for those who can't stomach all the texture? thanks!
  2. Manu, I have an Aaton Penelope and I'm based in Paris. I'm also fluent in French. If you're still interested in shooting 35mm 2 perf or 3 perf, send me a message. I think I can help point you in the most cost effective direction. cheers, Zack
  3. Does anyone know where to get one of these large battery-pack of 8.4/9 volts for the 6008 Pro? I've never seen this before anywhere. I thought the 6008 only takes AA batteries.
  4. Bruce, What is bulk back and where can I get one. That sounds incredible! thanks, Zack
  5. I have acquired three cans of Kodak Expression 500T 7284. It has apparently been kept in a fridge for the past few years. Attached is a photo of the label. Can anyone tell me how old this film is? Any ideas as to how this will look? thanks
  6. Does anyone know who in the USA or in Europe can add a crystal sync motor to super8 cameras? And, when a super8 camera has the "sound" specification, does that mean that it has a crystal sync motor? thanks
  7. Could you post some screen grabs of the filter tests? thanks!
  8. Go to Andec in Berlin and the friendly folks there will do it for you. I did some 500T and 250d there a couple of months ago.
  9. Zack Spiger

    LTR X

    I'm looking at buying an LTR X. I wasn't aware that this camera existed and need to know if it's a lemon or something special. It was purchased directly from Aaton in Grenoble several years ago, and they had apparently used it for "testing." The serial number is 878. Can anyone let me know where the LTR X sits in Aaton's LTR lineup? Any video tap on this model? And is this a good deal for 2,500 euros (body with PL mount, 2 mags, 2 batteries, wood grip and charger)? thanks in advance, -zack
  10. If you like the "cafe culture," you'll love Paris (ask Werner Herzog). If you want to "work," you probably won't. In other words, if you can sit for hours philosophizing, than Paris is your place. If you need to be active, work with your hands, get dirty, or just be creative, than Paris is not your place. In my opinion, Paris today is an incredible place to study and critique (it's what the French do best). It's not a place to create(not right now anyways).
  11. Thanks Rafael! I will try this out.
  12. Ireland is PAL. The film was developed and transfered at Color City in Paris, France. I payed extra for a "professional" telecine. Who knows what that means.... The footage is very shaky since it's handheld and zoomed way in, but it still seems like there is a frame rate problem. I had some Leicina footage transfered and it looked great even though it was shot in the same fashion.
  13. It is my friend's camera we used with Vision 2 200t. I believe it was recently serviced by a reputable source in Porland, Or. I'm shooting with my Leicina Special from now on. That Beaulieu looks too much like a gun, and this is not cool in Northern Ireland. In theory, what would happen to 24fps footage telecined at 25fps?
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