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  1. I could see how its bizarre if your in a controlled environment. Although in some outdoor situations its awesome. The other day i had a Red 300 and a doubler in my pack. At 4K the 300 wasn't enough to put my subject into in full frame. I switched it over to 2K (600) and it still wasn't enough. Then I put on the doubler at 2K (1200) and the subject was in full frame. You start to loose stops but if your shooting in daylight it doesn't matter. Great way to get crazy Focal DOF on anything as well. Lots of stuff to work with if you have a doubler and the capability of switching from 4 to 2K! It just depends on what you shoot for a living...
  2. Come on Keith, you know why. You have been the world leader of putting in the most energy possible into slandering RED on forums. I am totally surprised you were allowed to even type in a username under your name. You see, its not your points of concern about RED products, its your tact of getting your haterade across on this site that has probably hampered your direct relationship to the companies site. If i was a betting man, i would bet that all top guys at RED know your name and don't feel they need to provide another platform for you to spread your over the top obsessive hate. You have a platform here bud. Keep going with it because i find it extremely dramatic and weird. Great entertainment.
  3. LOL!!!! My thread title originally read, "Far all the RED haters!!!! Where you at Mr. Walters". But i erased the last sentence to see how long it would take for the biggest hater of all to reply. And Keith, I'm just trying to get you riled up. I actually like and respect your post on here. I just knew you and Rhodes would chime in quickly.
  4. http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?59376-IMPORTANT-Spiderman-update...
  5. Blah Blah Blah........ Stop the US hate talk. Canadians are exactly the same as Americans. We both rapped the Natives and now were living on borrowed time. I happen to love Canada and will be heading to work in the Revelstoke area for the next 26 days, on Monday. Can't wait to crack a Pilsner and have a rye and ginger when I hit Hope, BC (Location of the movie "First Blood"). Cheers!!!!!!
  6. I have been shooting action sports films with high frame rates my entire career and none of this makes any sense to me. Ive also worked with a few NFL Filmers and haven't heard of this. I use higher frame rates (25-500fps) for many reasons: maybe to create a feeling or to show off something happening really fast. When I hand hold s shot from a heli I will sometimes throw the frame rate up to smooth out the shot from vibration. But maybe im not understanding how slow motion makes film look like video. Also I just want to say I think this thread has gone cookooo. Me included... I came on wanting to know what the hate for RED was all about and got my answer quickly. The back and forth digi vs film, RED fanboy vs. film diehards is crazy. Good stuff guys. I like it.
  7. Good answer Keith. Fanboy vs. Hater. I like film myself. Although, I have yet to see what the Epic can do and I have a feeling its going to be a game changer. Not the end of film but a huge game changer. And I feel what they did with RED One already at the offering price is amazing. I like that Jim sets high goals and seem to be reaching them faster than any other. Don't you think its great that one company is shaking things up from the norm and making it all affordable. Read the stats on what the Epic can do. Not just what the images looks like but what the camera can do. Is there anything close right now? The size of it as well. You have to admit this will be an unreal camera if what people are saying comes true.
  8. I would need to write a novel to answer you two. One more question, have you guys spent the same amount or more time bagging on another camera other than the RED? It seems that one could pick apart any camera? Give me one camera and ill give you a list of what it can't do. Its a tool.
  9. And isn't that great that RED has pushed other companies to bring the cost of high end cameras down? Arri drop 130 G's off there cameras to meet RED's prize point. Amazing right?
  10. We can go round and round here about talent, tech, story telling film vs. digi. Now my original questions here were: 1. Why is there so much hate on this forum for a camera that's trying to bring high quality at a reasonable cost? 2. In the next months if you go to the theater and watch a movie shot on Epic and its as good as 35mm in all areas are you going to come on here and say it?
  11. It'd be great, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, I don't think that's the case. Talent is one thing, technology is another. A talented filmmaker with an old miniDV camera could do something incredibly better than a talentless one who's using an Epic (or a Genesis, an Alexa, 65mm, etc), The camera is just a tool.. just my humble 2€c :) I know that talent is within. But there are a ton talented cinematographers that like doing indy stuff and want to have the quality of what the big boys use. And your right you can shoot Blair Whitch with a high 8 camera but you can't shoot Planet Earth in high 8. Technology does enhance talent in some fields. Not really talking about story telling
  12. The only thing I can come up with is, jealousy, intimidated, afraid of the future being a level playing field. So many great artist would never be known if paint brushes cost 10,000 bucks. I would think a camera like the Epic will bring out more talent.
  13. But why do some on here talk poop on something like the Epic? I mean would it make some happy if RED went away and nobody ever started a company that pushes digital cinema? Where does the hate come from? I don't get it.
  14. Do some of you feel a little intimidated by a camera? I'm not really understanding the negative talk of Epic, especially when most have never even seen the results. The other question I have is, if you go to the theater and watch a movie shot with Epics and you like the image as much as 35mm, will you come on here and say you were wrong for talking all the poop? Or will you never be able put your opinions aside and admit it?
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