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  1. Want to buy ARRI AVF-2 viewfinder or similar viewfinder that enables anamorphic de squeeze on the 435.
  2. I've used covered wagon type lights (6 60W Tungsten Bulbs aligned in strip covered in 250 diffusion) Half of the bulbs running on separate dimmers. Dimming them separately will give you alternating temperatures, sometimes I like to put 1/4 CTO on half the wagon to warm it up and create more colour contrast. Another technique would be to bounce a few 300's off some poly and run each lamp on separate dimmers/put differing degrees of CTO on each lamp. The POLY will naturally blend the lamps together for a soft alternating source.
  3. Have you thought about doing the sequence at dusk & making it a dusk for night feel? You would need to be fairly well planned out and maybe even multi camera shoot or stretch it over a couple of days depending on the complexity. You would be get the car headlights effect at the beginning of the sequence as well.
  4. Hey guys, I've just posted my Reel for 2011 and thought I'd share it, http://vimeo.com/18685123 Let me know your thoughts, Kieran Sydney AUS kieran@kieranfowler.com
  5. Looks great, that technique to get those really soft/flared images is really interesting. Would you be able to talk more about how your camera's set up to get the effect. Trying to understand how you 'Bleed the light in', I might have done something similar, is it where your separating the lens and body of the camera and controlling the amount of light directly hitting the sensor? I take it your method has more to do with the vintage lenses your using though? Cool stuff.
  6. Good stuff Stuart, Got a quick question about the cyan color temperature in a couple of the frames, just wondering what your light set up/gels were to create this effect or maybe you did it in the grade? I know of using certain gels with tungsten sources like the Cyan 60 or Cosmetic aqua blue, but it'd be good to hear how you achieved it, as from what I can see it plays a big role in a few of these shots. Really like it!
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