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  1. Bradley, I was going to mention TPBTP, Thanks for the Interview with Sean, must've missed that post, that Cooke Channel is great. To follow up here's a fantastic story from Derek about Sean shooting that scene: The wall of text is worth it, trust me ;) Here's a link to the full article, for those interested.
  2. Hey guys, I'm interested in buying 3 of these for my 800's. but... i'm weighing up the advantages of using them compared to a gel, aside ergonomics. I know the Lowell ones take 1 stop, is it the same with the Arri's? Cheers.
  3. Hey, I definitely agree with Painting with Light, me and my friends whilst at University used to pick still frames from this book and try to replicate the lighting with whatever resources we had. This was a good way of making mistakes and use of trial and error to create a picture that you want in what is probably the safest environment to do so. On the other hand, and I should say completely the other hand, reading fashion magazines is a good resource to look at good lighting. Now I understand that this doesn't necessarily teach you how to light, but in relation to observing good lighting and for ideas it's a great resource. For example; http://multiplefashiondisorder.wordpress.com/2010/03/18/vision-of-delight/#more-4569 Also, Storaro's "Writing With Light" is a good option for some kind of theory behind the art form as Vittorio is extremely philosophical when it comes to creating a vision. Tom.
  4. Hey folks. I'm starting a film very soon and have been planning to buy a new light and am struggling to make my mind up. I would hire but I have the money to expand my kit, and would therefore use this new light on other projects, so before I get an answer stating "it depends ont he look" or something along these lines, while I agree and appreciate that, I am looking at this from a generic angle and being able to approach any project in the best possible light... Excuse the pun ;) I own currently a set of arrilite 800's (x3) and an Arri Blonde (2k), whilst I am also getting some lights from other sources for free,(300w dimmables and a Kino Diva 400), the lights I am looking to expand my kit with are from between; A rifa light ex55 or ex88? Or A chimera pancake medium or normal lantern? Whilst a rifa light is more direct in a sense of it being floor standing and "aimed" as opposed to easily being applied as a practical from above like the chimera, I am finding it difficult to decide between the two. I also love the Dedo Octodome? What are people's thoughts? Would it be better to invest in more grip equipment for the lights and make a chinaball instead of the chimeras, or should I utilise the open sources I have and diff them to diffuse instead of getting a rifa? I know this is very vague, people's opinions are always so helpful though and I appreciate your time. On top of the chosen light I'm going to get a crossbar, three c stands, and some flags and an arri boom stand. I have a budget of about £1250 ($1974). Thanks for any help, Tom.
  5. Apologies Dom, totally missed this post. Very useful information, Thanks. I think we shot it at about 20mm so the distortion isn't the greatest, but is a necessity to get rid of really. Our subjects weren't too close to the lens for the shot which helped as the focus distance has helped us out in that sense. Cheers again.
  6. Chris. Thank you for the recommendation of shooting a Grid, naturally I hadn't planned on shooting that wide at any point, but unforeseen circumstances made the shot more plausible by doing so, which is why we didn't do a test in prep. I have now shot a grid test at different focal lengths and sent the files over to our man at the other end and he's on it now and has said he should be good with that. So hopefully... Dom. Yes, I did actually find this page as well, it was indeed helpful. The wonders of google eh? Cheers for the help guys. Tom.
  7. How do Folks. I've run into a problem which I haven't really come across before and wondered if some of the more experienced of yourselves could hopefully shed some light on the situation. We are closing on the final edit of a film i've just shot, and doing all the post work. Now, there is one particular shot that is treating us with some difficulty, which is a handheld "steady" rig shot, walking backwards, down a hill, with lens distortion. Now what we're attempting to do; is figure out, whilst smoothing out the rolling shutter issues, how we could go about getting rid of the lens distortion, therefore making the image "flat". For the shot we used a Canon 16-35mm USM L II f2.8 lens, and in the image the subject appears to come closer to us in the center as opposed to the sides. What we want to know is whether the lens distortion is convexed, or concaved, and whether it the number of elements and their positioning which affect this, and also how to go about correcting it. We are trying to correct in AE and I would appreciate a lot if anyone has any information at all about how to go about this, I've been loomed with the task of researching into the mechanics of the lens and supplying that information. I just thought if anyone on here knows, then best to ask as I need to find out ASAP. Filters we can use in AE? Concave or Convex, any other information at all would be appreciated. Let me know if you require more information, I suppose this will open up the discussion for now. Thanks, Tom.
  8. In relation to Elephant, I watched Gerry today, I would say this is also a must in relation to Van Sant and Harris Savides' Craftsmanship, Did I mention "Last Days" in my list? Can't remember. :unsure:
  9. Hey Corey, It's not too hard to get hold of an Alexa to test with at all. I did some tests last year at Arri Rental in London and they were really helpful you know. If you contact Milan Krsljanin he will most likely be more than happy to help you. He's been at every single Alexa orientated event that has happened which i've attended, including seminars both at BVE North and the BVE that just went by. He was also at the screening of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close hosted by the BSC. He is one of the main guys behind the technoolgy inside the camera so essentially 1: He knows his stuff, 2: He is more than happy to demonstrate how well the Alexa performs because it gives it good press, Which it rightly deserves. I've inboxed you his email. Tom.
  10. This one is also pretty damn good. www.rondexter.com Tom.
  11. Do you like Road to Perdition twice as much ;) hehe It's unbelievably shot!!
  12. Fudging Amen to that Phil! Rex, you're seriously setting yourself up there mate, no offense. The Artist is an astounding film, now of course i respect people's decisions and opinions, but 28% and using your phone in a Cinema? Of course that is if you watched it in the CInema? The Cinematography is impeccable. The sheer fact that it is a Silent movie made in 2011 celebrating the early days of Cinema, a homage to how Filmmaking came about, and you got bored... I won't say any further. I HAD to see that film in the Cinema, it isn't likely you'll get a chance for such an event. On the other hand, back to favourite Cinematography. What did people think to the sequence at the end of Warhorse? & Mark, Tyrannosaur was awesomely shot, Erik is doing a Masterclass in Manchester on the 23rd :) Can't wait!! What did you think of Submarine? I've still yet to see his Pumpkinheads Project.
  13. Oh and any of Breaking Bad shot by Michael Slovis A.S.C.
  14. I agree with much of the listings, Freya's especially! :P Ok here's some from the top of my head (or more so from glancing over at the DVD rack) they're musts in my eyes, I would say so myself. Not many classics mind but definitely worth a watch. Film - Production Country - Cinematographer Days of Heaven - USA - Nestor Alemandros A.S.C. & Haskell Wexler A.S.C. Ballast - USA - Lol Crawley La Haine - France - Pierre Aim Kundun - Mainly filmed in Morocco - Roger Deakins A.S.C/B.S.C. Hanna - Finland/Germany - Alwin Kuchler B.S.C. Werkmeister Harmonies - Hungary - This has like 5 Cinematographers so just watch it ;) Three Colours Red, Blue, White - France/Poland - Piotr Sobocinski, Slawomir Idziak, Edward Klosinski Barry Lyndon - UK - John Alcott Andrei Rublev - Russia - Vadim Yusov Ivans Childhood - Set in Germany - Vadim Yusov Martha Marley May Marlene - USA - Jody Lee Lipes Cries and Whispers - Sweden - Sven Nykvist Biutiful - Spain - Rodrigo Prieto Import/Export - Ukraine/Austria - Edward Lachman A.S.C/Wolfgang Thaler Also Channel 4's (UK) Red Riding: In the year of Our Lord. Three Episodes, 3 DP's, 3 Directors, 3 Styles. Very Good. Episode one: 1974 - UK - Rob Hardy B.S.C. Episode two: 1980 - UK - Igor Martinovic Episode three: 1983 - UK - David Higgs B.S.C.
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