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  1. I've had decent luck with utility lamps off an inverter with some CTB on 'em. Then again, I'm not suer if you're talking about shooting INT or EXT of the car.
  2. nchopp


    I've been trying to figure that one out for quite some time now...
  3. In regards to the truck portion... (I'm going to be speaking about high-end mobile production; D1 college sports and professional sports carried by ESPN or Fox Sports) The individuals serving as the "mobile colorist" are not called "shaders" or "mobile colorists", they're video engineers. They're manually controlling iris, white balance, and pedestal. All the main cameras are connected via CCU cable. ENG\EFP and interview cams are connected via triax or coax. Sony camera bodys and Canon lenses are the standard. The "color matrix" is NOT balanced by the naked eye, but with color bars and ve
  4. Yeah, Desistis are alright by me. Got 4 of those 1ks, 3 of the 2ks, a 750 flood and a bunch of 650s. They get the job done, for indoor work.
  5. If you're stuck trying to make video you've already shot look like film in post, you're already too late. No software in the world is going to bring back the highlights you've blown and shadows you've lost. Dirt, grain, and gate wobble effects are useless, unless you have a reason your film needs to look like something from the 30s. When was the last time you saw a feature film that had a gate scratch? It's not even a band-aid, it's worse than a band-aid. Putting a film effect on top of poorly shot video is like pointing a large, red arrow at it and saying: "Look, I can't afford film OR th
  6. Where can I find an XL1 for $795? That's be great. Chopp P.S. McLuhan's not a philosopher, but a media ecologist.
  7. Because video represents reality. When we see NTSC, 30i video, we think news, television, something real. We already have our mindset - we don't think story-telling. Film represents narrative; the 24 frame motion blur, the contrast ratio. We're ready to suspsend belief a little bit. "The medium is the message." (McLuhan) There's nothing wrong with wanting your video to look MORE like film. If such was the case, I don't think we'd be seeing the ridiculous amount of excitement about the HVX-200, or the great success Panasonic's had with the DVX-100. We're human - we want what we can't re
  8. Necessity is the mother of invention. Was at location, didn't have a reflector - grabbed a mirror off the wall. Appropriately, my particular favorite brand of vodka. <grin>
  9. nchopp


    An old Amiga can do a black and white effect in real-time... :-)
  10. nchopp


    Good call on the china ball. A 650 with a softbox would work well too, in a pinch.
  11. nchopp


    Our good friend Mr. Murdoch, is, of course referring to just about everyone here - as that covers all he's offended, attacked, insulted, and\or smeared. Panavision's out to take over the world!!! <runs to toss in Conspiracy Theory, it's been a while>
  12. It's not HDV. It's DVCPRO HD.
  13. nchopp

    XL2 Lense Maintanence

    A good waterproof case would be a must, too. LOTS of compressed air (the kind used for film camera lenses, not the stuff you buy at Best Buy - check out www.studiodepot.com ) is another necessity. Like mentioned before, a UV filter - or four, 'cause you'll likely end up ruining a few.
  14. A 4gb P2 card will net you about 10 minutes of 720. You'll get about 3 or 4 minutes of 1080. Those are at 24 - if you're overcranking you'll obviously get less time. :-) The 8gb cards are coming out at about the same time as the camera (August, I think), I believe. If I end up going for it, I'll be going for three 8gb P2 cards and a laptop with a Lacie Big disk (1.6tb or so). Just too expensive to buy enough P2 cards for a real shoot, but damn - no more digitizing. :D
  15. MPEG compression = MESS for chromakeying. While I haven't done (or seen) any side by side comparisions, I'd lean towards staying away from HDV for chroma work. The Panasonic HVX-200 is coming out in August. 24p, 1080, records DVCPRO HD onto a P2 card, or DVCPRO 50 at SD.
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