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  1. Well maybe this will help as I have reused tapes. I'm not exactly shooting anything of importance or for money so I figure why not. I will say however that the tapes were new and not used by god knows how many other students. I'd say buy a few, use them, get the footage to a hard drive and use them again. I have had no problem with drop out from mini DV so far and I know one tape has been used about 5 times. I'd say it mostly depends on the age of the tape. Have you ever tried to play a 25 year old VHS tape? AHHH!
  2. http://www.hi-beam.net/hi-beam/middle6feet.html
  3. Is this true? I figured I was stuck shooting B&W with my little bolex cameras because finding a filter to fit them was so tough. Thanks.
  4. I'm not fully sure I understand what it is you wish to do. I looked at the gear and if it stays at $80 it's decent deal for the camera and projector. Does the audio record onto the cassette? It's my understanding that nobody makes sound striped film anymore so if that is needed to do what you want to do I don't think this will work.
  5. I had a roll processed at dwaynes about two months ago. It was from the late 80s and looked AWFUL. I'm certain it was the film since it was not in a box or the foil wrapper. I will say Dewaynes is processing Kodachrome until the end of Dec 2010. Here's a link... http://www.dwaynesphoto.com/ I
  6. All the previous comments seem to say what I was thinking so I'll give you my thoughts on something other than the color and exposure. This might be asking alot but can you get closer to the surfer? The back of a Jet Ski or a small boat? I know the risk to the camera is high if you do but it would make for much more interesting shots. Any chance of rolling some slo mo as well? Real slo mo and not Final Cut Pro slo-mo? I commend you for shooting Super 8 in this digital world of ours and think you could really be onto something with a retro feeling surf FILM. A famous photographer once said "if
  7. This is a regular 8mm camera that takes a 25 foot of 16mm film re-perfed to run in this type of camera. After you run the first 25 feet you swap and flip the roll to run the other 25 feet. I have one of these cameras and used it years ago. Wind it after every shot and keep your shots short as this camera does not stop when the wind gets weak...It keeps going so the tail of your shot will become fast motion. If you are shooting color you'll need a #85 filter and it won't be easy to find one for this camera. Yale film and video sells B&W in Tri X or Plus X for $25 and that includes processin
  8. www.yalefilmandvideo.com has some as well and pretty cheap including processing I believe.
  9. Not sure if this is common knowledge but I have a Sankyo XL320 Super 8 camera that uses an "electronic remote" as opposed to a cable release. I don't have one but I did have luck using a wired remote from a panasonic vhs camcorder from the late 80s. Plugged it in and turned the camera to "R-L" (run lock?) and the remote worked perfectly. I'm not a fan of trigger only cameras as they tend to wobble a bit when you pull or release them on a tripod. Anyway if you're lucky enough like me to have or know of an old panasonic camcorder lying around and your camera uses the same type of wired remote gi
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