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  1. BACK TO KONVAS vs MITCHEL For me KONVAS M2 , ARRI 2 abc, Eclair CM3 are more flexible if you using like a B camera. a Mitchel the Kinnor 35 are heavy camera and need every ting how go with larger camera. Mitchel could be considered if you do studio work like animation stuff and title. BTW i just get my Pentacon six 4x teleconverter a great single glass like for the 2 x.
  2. At the first look it's look under exposed ? but the problem is not there Do you used some interior film outside with our with out a filter ? Look the grass ( were is the green ) the color is not normal are you using some post dated ( old no exposed film) the first color affected by aging is the color RED find a place you have some RED in the shot and green. Let the film exposed to heat source or the sun in a car ? at home But if you like to get archival look you have it ? Personalty i preferred to used a old bolex in 16mm to fake the 8mm look and the old one with no reflex BOLEX have a less steady image so you have the feeling it's regular 8. But today in digital you could fake this effect easily.
  3. Aranda group in Australia made very good job ... But Bruce Taylor got a very nice Kinor 35 for sell ... again it's a big size. What is the issue on those camera Bruce we hear it's a hard to adjust the magazine tension ... and the second point it's the electronic circuits.And we never ear noting about the motor maybe is very good. The camera i like to get maybe a Arri 3 modified to 2 perfo, i realy like the deep of field offer by the wide lens when you shot in 2 perfo no one talk about this never it's like a focus to infini. I also like the frame size. But today i think with the HD screen at 16:9 we are better to shot for 1:85. Ordinary people hate to have letter box image. My Konvas was hone by Frank Wylie before ,Patrick Steel and Frank start the first forum on Konvas stuff. First i was looking for a Eclair CM3 2 perfo do you know they have 3 of them in Quebec except no one want to sell them. Finally i find the Konvas M2 wit a similar design and not 60 year old. But the Konvas in your hand is more easy to Handel compare to the Eclair. You remember the F&B seco shoulder pod ( used with auricon news camera ) with little modification the Konvas fit perfectly on them.The Konvas soft blimp for the camera with the 200ft mag weight 7 pounds and if you using the 400 ft mag you have 8.5 pounds more. The complete Konvas with the 50mm lens a 200 ft mag the matt box a 17 EP Chrystal motor weight 17.5 pounds. In my research at this time i find out also in Montreal every body send the Eclair to Bernie in USA for the service.
  4. Paul your camera it's a 2 perforation ? If yes this is interesting... got it like that ? My B&H the serial number is near 1240 ? and was at first a height speed camera buy for military used in USA near 1951... The problem with those camera you need to be a Popey or eat spinach when you start with a big camera all is big ...
  5. Very interesting Paul, your telescopic arm it's a good idea...look like you adapting it with a zoom holder mount for 25mm to 250mm ? I have a old B&H 2709 on a rack over with a ratchet shutter and animation movement i like to adapting to Time laps. Here i fix a old Kem editing table i take me 1 year to find some parts...the video was shoot by my son Jonathan and it's the first time i put a film on it. http://www.kewego.fr/video/iLyROoafJrwK.html it's a bit nostalgic the film playing i made this in 76 with BOLEX camera. This table edit the cartoon series in early 80's call the Racoon. The 35mm parts only edit 2 feature. Not much of them left ... i got it for 135$ but need to fix it. Pierre Sam
  6. First do not mix tape Kind like Sony and other ? Some are wet lube like sony and all the other are dry lube some head do not like to switch to one then to another... So if you used Sony stay with sony or go with the other. Personally i used the JVC PQ hd
  7. This camera could be a interesting tool but i see nothing made with them ? a completed documentary or a feature ? Any one know where we could see something shoot with them...
  8. I personaly looking for a long time on Eclair but they are over 60y old now ? at this time many used a full gate all the time on them... And the touret got 3 lens seat and many have one of them centered for Scoop lens. If you look for more on Eclair look at e bay France... The camera is much more heavy compared to a Konvas M2 but very nice mechanic. Your prism is clean ? many with age became less transparent... this is a thing the Russian made better. Bernie in Usa fix them and he cut them with a lazer. You have some shoulder 400 mag available for them rarely for sell for the Eclair Cm3
  9. Interesting but buying a prototype is for me to risky... But the designer in Moskow continue to made camera http://www.mkbk.ru/pr_en/razrabotki.htm look the small on available also in 2 or 4 perforation...and the desing remember the m2 front any idea of the price of this camera?
  10. Hi Olex Yes i admit it's look fro me also for a rear glass element.... we will see Exa, Exakta are they similar to Pentacon six mount ? BTW (by the way ) I lost the link to your very nice website on Russian Camera Olex on the geocity server do you have a new link... Steven Lyle The Canadian in Korea tel me you made a great job on is Kinor 16mm.
  11. Salut si le gros format t'intéresse contact lm.barthelemy@free.fr, il demeure près de Paris il a même un projecteur 70mm.
  12. Hi OLEX here the link if it's still available http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT the seller said very close to 4 ?
  13. I really like to see something shoot with this. For me it's a camera more for documentary or indi filmmaker. I like the idea of Raw no compression recording is dessing and the possibility to uned 16mm c mount.
  14. Yes Bruce it's a good idea i buy a dvd copy from Adam of is film i watch this low budget film 2 time it's give you a very good idea of what the camera Konvas M1 is capable. The M2 got better lens! But i very like SHADOW of FORGETTEN ANCESTOR BY Sergei Paradjanov made in 1964 If any have see some great Russian film let me know.
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