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  1. Shoe covers to protect the on board monitor during transport and a clean, dry pair of socks for me to wear after lunch.
  2. Typed wrong info on one of the zoom lenses, 3.4/35-70mm is it, not 3.5.
  3. Hi! I own theese Contax Zeiss lenses (some in c/y mount and some in Aaton mount) 2.8/25mm 1.4/35mm 1.4/50mm 1.4/85mm 3.5/35-70mm macro 4/80-200mm (will get the 2/28mm when I get the opportunity and perhaps if I can afford it the 2.8/21mm) Now I´m looking for some wide angle lenses to use with the Blackmagic camera. Something affordable and not slower than 2.8 would be great. The SLR magic 12mm is not an option as theres to much CA, the 15mm Contax zeiss is a little to slow and not really worth what it cost and the 16mm Contax Zeiss is crazy fisheye like. Manual is also a must as I´ll be using them on the mft mount. Regards /Hans Engstrom
  4. Was the 1st AC on a feature film last year that was shot in 2-perf. We used Arricam ST and didn´t have any problems except when we tried to get it up to 60fps. 50fps was ok but on 60fps it looked like there was problem with the preassure plate, the rental house said something about it being possible to do 60fps but that they had to do something first (which I don´t remember right now but perhaps someone can fill me in?). I didn´t have any problem with hairs and I think that if you look carefully for emulsion buildups in the gate you avoid that problem.
  5. We shot two more commercials for the same company but I don´t have any material from them yet. Except for this lowres frame
  6. Shot this low budget commercial the other day. camera: RED lenses: Zeiss UP Lights: one 4 kW arrisun I shot it in the evening sun bouncing the sunlight with reflectors. As the sun got lower I "replaced" it with a 4kw HMI (fresnel lens) with full CTS. The footage is not colorcorrected yet and this is just some of the takes in a row so some of the action is repeated and they are not in the order they will be in the final product. There´s also some strange compression artifacts in the clip. HD CLIP BIG file, almost 50mb
  7. If anyone is interested there´s now a higher quality version available please watch in HD.
  8. Low resolution version is up http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoid=54533170 /Hans
  9. Or perhaps membership upgrade to: Press / PR / Media A Press Membership to Cinematography.com allows you to post industry related news items, press releases, and event notices with images and links in our News & Events forum. The headline and link to the most recent News post is always automatically mirrored at the top of the Cinematography.com home page under our logo. Press Members can participate non-commercially forum-wide, however only Press members can create topics in the News & Events forum.
  10. I don´t know why the recordlabel made it a private clip. I can´t watch it anymore myself. Will post a new link as soon as I have one.
  11. Finished result. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TINEvQiQYIE Watch in HD as the standard quality sucks. Don´t agree on the use of some of the shots in the video. But what can one do when someone else is doing the editing.
  12. Print screen from prores file playing (qt on pc)
  13. Forgot to add that this is raw cc applied from the editor. He just wanted a green light on the look before he continued.
  14. Got these lowres caps from the editor today, he applied some contrast and color to the footage (to match the animated parts of the video). The compression make these pics look grainy. have seen some of the hires footage and I´m satisfied with the results considering the limitations we had. /Hans
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