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  1. Hello, yes, I’m based in Poland. Front diameter in 16mm lens is 62mm
  2. Selling my two Zeiss Super Speeds MkI. I had a plan to build a full set, but I have to give up on it. Lenses are in perfect optical condition, glass is clean, there are no scratches or cleaning marks. I bought them in summer 2020 and they were barely used. 16mm lens has follow focus gear from RafCamera, 9,5mm lens has this gear 3D-printed. Both lenses are equipped with Arri Bayonet to PL adapter. Here are some pictures of the lenses on my google drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1X8O_BNI3xTkgDP8NLTmIIdw7N4dx_2GC?usp=sharing Price for each lens is 1300 Euro. If you buy both lenses, I'll throw in plastic case and additional Arri Bayonet to PL adapter.
  3. Hello, I'm looking to buy Super16 Zeiss Distagon 25mm T/1.3 MkI. Preferably in PL mount, but Arri-b is also acceptable. Thank you, Jan
  4. Thank you for your help and for the scan. Fortunately I can read Cyrillic, so the manual will be really helpful to me.
  5. Thank you for your answer! Do you know by any chance how to attach that diaphragm ring to the lens?
  6. Hello, I've got an old, Russian 8mm camera manufactured by Lada, with Lomo 9-37 lens and I don't know how to change the aperture manually. There is no aperture ring, but in the package I found something like this: I thought it should be attached to the back of the lens, but it seems difficult to remove the lens from the camera body, because it's connected with some parts inside the body (I marked it in red on the photo). Is unscrewing that whole part really the only way to attach diaphragm ring to the lens or is there any easier way to do it? Another question: does anyone know what that K-A-P switch is used for? Thanks!
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