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  1. Thank you for your help and for the scan. Fortunately I can read Cyrillic, so the manual will be really helpful to me.
  2. Thank you for your answer! Do you know by any chance how to attach that diaphragm ring to the lens?
  3. Hello, I've got an old, Russian 8mm camera manufactured by Lada, with Lomo 9-37 lens and I don't know how to change the aperture manually. There is no aperture ring, but in the package I found something like this: I thought it should be attached to the back of the lens, but it seems difficult to remove the lens from the camera body, because it's connected with some parts inside the body (I marked it in red on the photo). Is unscrewing that whole part really the only way to attach diaphragm ring to the lens or is there any easier way to do it? Another question: does anyone
  4. Hello, I'm looking to buy one of Canon's S16 zoom lenses at a reasonable price. Preferably 11-165mm or 11.5-138mm. Any help will be appreciated
  5. Yes, it is still available, as well as Angenieux 12-240mm.
  6. Hello, I'm looking to buy an Aaton XTR or newer model. Preferably in Europe. Thank you in advance for any help!
  7. Update & price drop: 1. Bolex EBM Super16 & accessories (1500 euro): - 400ft mag and MM motor - Battery charger - Power grip + power grip battery - Remote control cable - Battery container - 4 filter frames - Set of Kodak wratten gelatine filters and ND gelatine filters - 4x 200ft spools - 2x100ft spools - Metal case Lenses: 1. Switar 16mm f/1.8 - (150 euro) 2. Switar 25mm f/1.4 - (150 euro) 3. Angenieux 12-240mm f/3.5 Cameflex mount - (600 euro) All other things are now sold.
  8. Reduced prices: Cameras: 1. Bolex EBM Super16 & accessories - 1700 euro 2. Bolex SB Regular16 & accessories - 650 euro Lenses: 3. Switar 10mm f/1.6 - 150 euro 4. Switar 16mm f/1.8 - 200 euro 5. Switar 25mm f/1.4 - 200 euro 6. Angenieux 12-120mm f/2.2 Cameflex mount - 300 euro 7. Angenieux 12-120mm f/2.2 Bolex bayonet mount (needs collimating) - 200 euro 8. Angenieux 12-240mm f/3.5 Cameflex mount - 800 euro Here are also some pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VL-QmXmM2lQsW80iO_fssHCZOCvDOuxe (Vario-Switar 16-100, o
  9. Hi, I was looking on the internet for some videos made using Cinema Products Ultra-T lenses with 16mm cameras and I couldn't find too many of them. I wonder if some of you used them and have any footage on vimeo or YouTube. Thank you!
  10. Hello, I have 3 packages of 16mm cameras to sell. They are supposed to be sold as a sets, but I will also consider offers if someone would like to buy a lens or camera separately. Cameras are located in Warsaw, Poland. SET NR 1: 1. Camera: - Bolex EBM Super16 2. Lenses: (all those lenses were serviced, lubricated and collimated. All covers Super16 format) - Kern Vario Switar POE 16-100mm F/1.9 - Switar 10mm f/1.6 - Switar 16mm f/1.8 - Switar 25mm f/1.4 3. Accessories: - 2x 400ft mags and 1x MM motor for 400ft mag - Battery charger - Power gri
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