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  1. Does anyone know which film stock was used in Beethoven's 2nd from 1993 (Rod Daniel; film st. bernhard dog family) ? Thanks
  2. Hello, I set the camera on TCS 6. I hope that was right :rolleyes: . That were my last 18 meters of this 'funny' colored film. I need it to finish a short film project, which I started two years ago, when Velvia in 16mm was still available. @ David Cunningham Did you use this film very often ? Micha
  3. It's funny to see, how cheap the Kinoptiks lenses were this time. Today, 35 years later, they are soooo expansive ....
  4. Thanks for your answers. Does anybody know until when they were made ?
  5. Hello, sometimes you can find some Cine-Kowa Lenses for 16mm, for example the 1,1 / 25mm in Arri mount. I think, this are lenses made for the Arri SR cameras. (I think CP sold them as cinema-product-lenses too) What do you know about them ? Some people say, they were "a kind of copy" of the Zeiss HS lenses. Is that right ? Michael
  6. That's interresting. Do you know examples of films, which were filmed with kinoptik lenses ?
  7. Hello, you often can find old Kinoptik lenses, for example the Apochromat 25mm, in Cameflex, C-mount or other mounts for very, very high prices. What do you think about this lenses ? How is their quality and their 'look' compared to other lenses like Zeiss etc ? Why are this lenses so expensive ? Micha
  8. Hello, I would like to use my last roll of Velvia 16mm in a Arri SR-III. Does anybody know, which setting for Timecode is right ? Thanks !
  9. Wasn't it a Kowa Cine-Prominar 40mm lens ? They were often used together with Super Balter Lenses . . .
  10. I think, the Angenieux 12-120mm will vignette at the 'beginning'. My 12-120mm does. Are there more different versions of this lens or are they all the same ? The Angenieux 15-150 should be OK for S16. I've tested it and I can't find any vignetting. There are two old types from the 70s: The 1,9/15-150mm and the 2,8/15-150mm. Michael
  11. Thanks. That's very interresting. Until which time were the panchros Ser.II/III made ? The 70s ?
  12. Hello, which are the significat differences between the speed panchros Ser. 1 and 2 ? Most of the lenses you can find are Ser. II lenses. I think, the Ser 1, the original Speed Panchros, are from the 40s or 30s, aren't they ? How is the image quality and the 'look' of this older lenses ? Mich And what's about the kinetal lenses (made for 16mm). What's the difference between the glass of the Panchros and the Kinetal ?
  13. Hi Mike, yes, but there are some Super Baltar lenses in Ceco Housing for example, which are for BNC and not for BNCR like Mark-II or other, because they are 'long' behind the mount. You find sometimes lenses in normal looking housings (metal rings) with this 'problem' too. I think they were made for the non-reflex Mitchell cameras too . . .
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