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  1. Hi all. I am shooting my first reality tv show. It is a big break for me. I am really excited for this. It is happening fast and what seems last minute. If you have any experience and wisdom to share, it would be greatly appreciated. I am the main DP and local fixer for this show. Besides myself as A camera op, my team is a B camera op and an audio person. How fast does reality tv shoot? The director mentioned something about bonuses. Does that really happen? Thank you in advance.
  2. Thought I would throw in some slate humor in case anyone has not seen these videos.
  3. Matt, I use the Arrow 55 on a regular basis with Sony 350. I really like miller tripods and heads. I say it is worth the price.
  4. I know that its mostly about who you know not what you know. How do I get into working in the camera department on narrative television? Is there something other than networking that will get me where I want to be? Scott
  5. I vote for Chicago. Love that city.
  6. If you haven't watch if by now, check out Zacuto's The Great Camera Shootout 2010. They test for every mentioned above. Dynamic Range, Resolution, Low Light, Color, and Green Screen Keying. There are benefits to both film and digital. Its not just about cost. There is an artistic choice to be made whether to shoot digital or film. Just because you can see your final image(in a calibrated monitor) with digital, doesn't mean you have to stop using light meters.
  7. Number One Rule: Only use liquid cleaner as a last resort. To clean a lens, first use an air blob blower. If the dust/dirt is still there, use a lens cloth in one motion across the lens. Most lenses have an anti-flare coating that could come off if you rub too hard. If you have to use a liquid cleaner, be careful not to leave spots and streaks on the lens. Be careful not to rub to hard on the front of the lens. I hope this helps. Scott
  8. Sony sent my DP and I a SRW-9000PL last week. We shot a shot web film with it this past week. We used a Fuji 18-85mm T2.0. Those two together made a beast of a camera. We loved the image quality of the 9000PL as well as the range of control the it gives you. The video should be posted on line mid-Feburay.
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