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  1. So.... now I'm actually still looking to find more resources ... do any come to mind?
  2. Thanks Stuart! I spent so much time trying to find that... Its funny that such a common and necessary technique is not outlined in more production books. Thanks again...
  3. Hi All, Im getting frustrated because I cant figure out the right google search on learning to shoot products with film or video.... Its always comes up with videos or pages about videos of photography.... Anyway... I was wondering if anyone knew of any books or tutorials on shooting still life/product sequences? Preferably books... ei Coke being pored into a glass... stuff like that. Thanks for your help!
  4. A Hain

    5D mII B&W Shooting

    Jean- Thanks so much! Sounds advice that actually really help adjust my thought process.
  5. Thanks Guys, After researching the points you've both made, I think I'm going to gut old TV's and put 4:3 LCD's inside... Wish me luck... Best!
  6. oh interesting... i hadnt heard about shooting at a higher frame rate... how does that help?
  7. Hi Guys, I have a project coming up where I need to shoot a number of Television in the same shot. Shooting on digital... probably RED and was wondering if anyone knew how to or if it would even be a problem to shoot a bunch of TV's without having that scan thing happen. I'm going to run tests pretty soon, but was hoping to get some advice first. ...And no I dont want to green screen what's on the tv's. Thanks!! A
  8. A Hain

    5D mII B&W Shooting

    Before I was actually thinking that shooting in B&W was best because of the crappy color compression on h264 but now with the technicolor upgrade I think this changes things a bit...
  9. Does this apply to shooting black & white too? Is is better to use the internal configurations and shoot black and white or shoot neutral and de-saturate in post. If I was understanding correctly it sounded like one should do as much in camera as possible....
  10. A Hain

    5D mII B&W Shooting

    Shooting with the Canon 5D mII on a b&w piece. The camera has an internal setting to record b&w but I'm wondering if it makes more sense to record regularly and de-saturate in post. Thoughts?
  11. Awesome... yeah - the scene reference is perfect! It seems like the big difference is the large water droplets in addition to the top lighting. Thanks!
  12. So I'm trying to figure out a simple way to light a shower scene with a 5D in B&W/1080/24/1200 or 1600 asa. Here are my questions: 1.) How do I get the water to be more contrasty so that I can actually see it? I know back lighting (right?) but it's a tight old apartment shower. 2.) Whats the best way to keep the camera from getting wet? 3.) Will the steam hurt the 5D? 4.) The scene is suppose to be very sweet so I'm trying to figure out the best way to actually shoot it. I mean... do you show the curtain? That seems to be too voyeuristic/Psycho-esque... Wide angle from inside seems to distort too much though... I know this is a lot and I'll run some more tests. 1 2 & 3 are what I really need to know. Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys. I'll run some test the next couple nights.
  14. I am cheaply producing a short film, which requires a shot of four people on a street at night. The widest will be from about 50ft away and the mediums and closes at standard ranges. I'm shooting on the HVX200 @ 24PN. The crew consists of about 5 people. The "look" hopefully will be something along these lines: Two guys walking down the street in and out of pools of light coming from the street lamps above them. When they are out their faces are fully exposed by the moonlight. I think that I can achieve the street light with the actually street lamps. It?s having enough ?moonlight? that I?m worried about. I know that the HVX200 is notoriously bad in low light, I also dont want to boost the gain anymore than is absolutely necessary. How can I achieve this look on a shoestring? And my shoestring is about 500 bucks.
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