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    Chief Photographer- Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
  1. David, Dirk,Simon and Cole -Thank you all for your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it. Much has been learned!
  2. With the variations of exposure and film processing times, I'm wondering if there were discernible differences in sound quality of the optical track from the resulting grain patterns and edge acutance, especially when heavily pushed.
  3. I'm working on a project trying to emulate some of characteristics of B&W film stocks from the 1940-50's Noir period. Does anyone know if there was one preferred "go-to" stock during those years? I know there were many available but surely one must have stood out as a favorite- the "Vision3" of its time.
  4. Have you tried the Marvels Cine 3.4 picture style? I use it a lot because it looks good right out of the camera and still has plenty of shadow and highlight data to tweak. http://marvelsfilm.wordpress.com/marvels-cine-canon/
  5. Hal, I found a custom Picture Style created by Sumit Agarwal which emulates Kodachrome 25. No guarantees that it's exactly what you're looking for but it's a start. Here is the download link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11405569/Kodachrome%2025.pf2
  6. Looking forward to seeing your craftsmanship on "Big Sur" and am anxiously awaiting "Seven Days in Utopia". Your willingness to share your technical data is very much appreciated. I just wish I could do a Vulcan mind meld and download all your knowledge -within reason.

  7. Phil, great video for B&H! At this point I am impressed with the Marvels Cine 3.4 for my particular needs; not too flat- not too contrasty. Have you had a chance to try the new Canon/Technicolor picture style with their LUT file?
  8. Tyler, Great comparison! Thanks for posting.
  9. I'm trying to come up with a "default" custom Picture Style for my 5D which will yield a pleasing result for nature documentaries to be viewed ultimately on television. I already have the flat profile custom configurations which require tweaking in post but I was hoping to find something which looks good right out of the camera. Surely there are some favorites out there. I understand that what "looks good" is subjective but I would be interested in suggestions.
  10. David, I enjoyed visiting with you on the set in Fredicksburg. Thanks for letting an old still photographer live a cinematic life vicariously through your talents. I hope the Texas heat didn't get to you too much. I bet you wish you were back in Northfork.
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