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  1. I suppose I confused the title as there is no category for it. I shouldn't confuse the two even with their similarities. I was curious what emulsion photography project is making, I assumed it was an independent one but I am noticing this on still photography, rebranded cine emulsions from kodak so I will inquire to find out. Thanks for the insights.
  2. Looking preferably for some Vision 3 Colour and B&W Neg. I'll consider other stock options too of course. Are there any private sellers or distributors out there do you know of?
  3. Yes, one I got on e-bay seemed to have turned my lenses into macro-mode - and I find it very difficult trying to focus on the lcd screen. ..I forgot what I was going to say.
  4. Just wondering if any person knows of a good trusted manufacturer who produces accurate adapters- more specifically for a Pentax Q body. Looking to reach infinity focus on these lenses, it would be a great treat. His or her kind words would be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays and New Year.
  5. I would like to know too - if some opinions could be shared. As Jared asked, what are some good lavaliers out there. I have a budget of 500, I just need 1 wireless lavalier set (if needed, it is for documentary purposes).
  6. More so a Non Reflex 8mm Digital Camera. Hey I was just curious if anyone has shot any material using the Pentax Q? I don't have much experience using dslr (in this case, a mirrorless camera). But.. I am fawned of the compact size, look and similarity to 8mm. I am looking to shoot some demos and online content and of course pictures.. since I don't even have a digital picture taker. Anywho, this camera seems it will fit my needs because it appears to fit 8mm lenses judging by the sensor size, correct me if I am wrong? The price seems to be fairly.. decent, 400 for the body and I will be using my film lenses. Ignore all that, I am just looking for anyone with video mode feedback on this camera.
  7. It is your primal instinct, David. You are a Man, and a Man needs his film. Even though I am only in my early 20's, and even though I didn't grow up with film as the only option, I am still drawn to it. I would shoot film over plastic any day. Viva la revolution!
  8. Looking for a.. Kern Pizar RX 25mm C mount lens Kern Switr RX 25mm C mount lens Kern Switar RX 16mm C mount lens Reply or private message me please, thank you!
  9. Update: Selling a Rex 4 Body in good cosmetic condition, asking price is 400 o.b.o. Message me for further details or pictures.
  10. Selling a Kern Switar 10mm w/ Set Diaphragm 1106759. No signs of fungus, scratches, or cleaning marks. Cosmetically, there are no signs of scratches, bumps or bruises. It's as if the lens as never been used for the past 50 years, or one delicate cameraman. E-mail for more details. startofthereel@gmail.com Located in Toronto.
  11. Dom is right, I got my measurement backwards :unsure:. I am staring at the detached shutter blade as I type..
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