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  1. Watching The Man Who Killed Don Quixote seems that Nicola Pecorini was mixing between spherical lenses and anamorphic lenses? is it only a wrong impression? maybe the distorsion of wide wide lenses gave me this effect by the way I'd like to mix anamorphic and spherical lenses for a feature film upcoming. is it possible to di it being keeping the same ratio? any advises,thoughts?
  2. Angenieux zoom 20-120mm 6:1 f stop: 2.9 PL mount cine lens close focus: 3.5 feet lens in good condition ( some scratchesexternally but doesn't affect the image) the glass is in working order.glass is clean and no fog,haze.it has is age. Come with front and rear caps andshipping case. ND circular 0.9 the lens is old generation but is really nice ( a milky effect) with the newest generations of cameras. asking 2900 USD plus shipping OBO paypal (plus paypal fees) or bankwirement
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