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  1. Hi everyone for a coming project I'd like to use a vintage zoom a S 16mm Angeniux 12-120mm one of the idea is even to have a '16mm' look and more depth of focus. Is it any camera that would allows to use a 2 K S 16 size sensor but giving a 4 K files?
  2. Hi Guys what could be the lenses used by Christopher Doyle on 'Happy Together' by Wong Kar Way?
  3. For sale DJI ronin S used only couples of time including a second battery 400 USD arielsalati@hotmail.com
  4. Hi Simon yes write me to arielsalati@hotmail.com for any further infos ariel
  5. check the extreme good quality: https://schneiderkreuznach.com/en/xenonffprime_imprint
  6. still on the market recently full serviced at Schneider
  7. Watching The Man Who Killed Don Quixote seems that Nicola Pecorini was mixing between spherical lenses and anamorphic lenses? is it only a wrong impression? maybe the distorsion of wide wide lenses gave me this effect by the way I'd like to mix anamorphic and spherical lenses for a feature film upcoming. is it possible to di it being keeping the same ratio? any advises,thoughts?
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