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  1. hei kokphai nang nongmeido rang khara kokpani asuwai lapna leiyu......keino ta inaocha di...sir koune......hei tathiba nangi set to houna laodouni horen saatlaga faojilaknaba khangedana.........mapa lake noi noi positionda!!!!!

  2. Manipur now needs an autonomous districts for meetei,kuki,naga and other tribe.other population should be under GOI.the meetei autonomous districts are a socio historical areas of meetei inhabitance.autonomy to protect and preserve kanglei civilisation in the aspect of each indigenous people.

  3. peisa leitre ngasi ngaihaktang ngaothokubani lupa 600 uisssssssss paithokhi!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sony has got an universal PL mount on the PMW F3L.So if i am to use Nikon G lenses with MTF PL to G Adapter,which lenses should be suitable and great for cinematography?Can I use Nikkor AF-S 70-200mm VR f2.8G IF-ED ?What if a D type nikkor is used?
  5. sorry for the term "faking",i wanted to capture 1920*1080p resolution but wanted the final edited images to look like something which is shot on 2.35:1 aspect ratio 2k or 4k digital cinematography camera.i understand this post must be somewhere in editing forums but i wanted to hear from experienced people who might have encountered such situations .i thought i might use black bars along with 1920*1080p resolution so that it looks like 2.35:1
  6. how can i fake an apparent 2.35:1 aspect ratio of sony ex3 16:9 native aspect ratio without cropping and affecting the full hd resolution?
  7. thnks for your concern bro,i must experiment before i ask further.until then i appreciate your support.
  8. thanks 4 the brief reply but i wanted an all in one explaination.
  9. I have a question that is constantly nagging me...... 1.I am thinking of using Sony ex-3 with nikon lenses mounted with letus extreme adapter for my project 2.I am proposing to use Blackmagic Design decklink-sdi/ultrastudio sdi with bnc cables to capture the 4:2:2,10bit HD-SDI out put of ex-3 on a desktop. So can anyone explain how can i achieve this?I mean how will i have to set up the capture station with RAID-0/5 storage.Can i capture directly live on premiere pro?
  10. i am from imphal,manipur .in my state since 2001 we have been using digital camcorders for making movies/music videos in a shoestring budget.i can say that in the entire northeast india we are the biggest production hub for digital films.....but lack of experience and technical experts has affected the quality.....looks like more reality show...i hope to change it ........i will do some project in the future to try at my level.like film division,mumbai we need some regulatory body to supervise purely digital production of movies.
  11. i know that i can attach Nikon ai-lenses to Sony pmw-ex3 for more filmic look with letus direct elite adapters .but which nikon lenses are preferred when using letus direct?can i use a matte box and polarizers and filters?[/size]
  12. Hi Thangjam nice to read u r mails,am DoP

    from Bangalore need cost reducing for feature film production ask ME HOW

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