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  1. Jesus, I'm sorry David, I stopped replying for what it's worth.
  2. I agree but I think continuing to reply is just because I'm fascinated by this personality type and what it would take to get him to acknowledge he's wrong. The man has literally called me an unhinged psycho multiple times in this conversation, I don't understand certain people on the internet.
  3. You're a prince David, thank you for your efforts.
  4. Honestly I'm embarrassed I got heated with an internet troll on a kubrick subreddit, thanks so much for the response David. https://www.reddit.com/r/StanleyKubrick/comments/eer8bn/very_accomplished_rear_projection_in_eyes_wide/fc1w2nz/?context=10000
  5. someone online claimed that Eyes Wide Shut is the first film in the history of cinema to underexpose and push 2 stops the entire film. Is that right? Can anyone confirm it's accurate or alternately cite an earlier film that did the same?
  6. I'm looking for a way to shoot with a 4 or 5mm focal length on my bolex. A proper c-mount switar would be ideal but it appears 10mm is as wide as those go. A lens with an adapter would be an option, one of those filter-adapter-attachment thingies would be a worst-scase scenario but I'm open to anything.
  7. well I already bought the cinestill since it was touted as being the same film just reappropriated for stills, at this point I'm just confused as to why it's rated at 800 if it's supposedly a 500 speed film and how should I expose it? Should I just assume it's virtually identical to 7219 and rate it at 500? If I do that, should I tell the lab to process it as 500?
  8. i'm shooting a short and I want to cheaply do a test and take my slr to test certain lighting conditions. Does anybody know which still film that's available that has the most similar color palette to kodak's 16mm color negative? There might be no perfect substitute, but I really can't afford to shoot a test roll. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for the input. Yeah, the imdb says 1.85, but it also listed elswit as dp for The Master until that was cleared up. Kinda a pity, I've always been a fan of P.T.A.'s ongoing 'collaboration' with the anamorphic format. Wonder if he's framing for 1.85 for good.
  10. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BRLG2ASCEAE05-I.png:large The above picture just surfaced from the set of PTA's Inherent Vice. Any eagle-eyed panavision experts can tell us a little about what they're shooting with? Are they shooting with anamorphic lenses, and if so, are they preserving the 2.35 aspect ratio or matting down to 1.85? (due to the angle, I can't quite tell the aspect ratio of the image on that tiny monitor)
  11. Tarantino shot Death Proof, who knows, maybe that's why it was so much weaker than anything else he's done.
  12. Yeah, I posted this elsewhere, and they said it was a long lens in the field of view. Turns out, I purchased my 100mm lens after marking the groundglass, so I never noticed that it was in the frame. Pretty embarrassing, but I'm glad I figured that out. Thanks for the replies.
  13. Wow, that's embarrassing. The ground glass was marked before i bought my 100mm lens, didn't even think about it. Thanks a lot.
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