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  1. Next time I gonna go to youtube and make a test with my cat about some consumer camera. For sure I´ll get more comments :lol: CG is just the robots,chains and some volumetric lights,other is real set. Glad you like
  2. This is the first part of a shot movie I´m working. I got to stop for job,part II coming soon. I hope you like it.
  3. That close up of that mouth spitting blood reminds me early years of Peter Jackson. These few shots make laugh,thanks!
  4. Some camera,CC,storytelling...test for a short movie. It´s just a sketch from the opening scene. The CGI is a little bit poor. I hope some day make the entire film. Shot with BM Pocket and Lomo anamorphic.
  5. Hi Brandon, I bought a few years ago on ebay,really cheap compared with the actual prices. I had no chance to test it yet until I bought the BMPC. Always used as adapter with others prime lens. I guess is a 70´s one. It´s a OCT-18 but have OCT-19 adapter,but still no know how works the mechanism of the spherical block with the anamorphic attachment. Well,I know how it works,but it no works and I don´t know why! I spoke with Olex...waiting for his 2º response yet. Any way,I really love this lens. I think is the most "Panavi$ion-like" that one can have. Really genuine,authentic... Send you a PM Thanks ;)
  6. Hi, I´ve the 35mm T2.5 square front,looks awesome on BMPC but I can´t pull focus :( Has the square front with his 35mm spherical,but when turn the focus rings,just move the anamorphic group and lose the alignment with the spherical lens. Perhaps the mine missing some parts? It looks like I´ve to get inside or outside the entire lens of the camera to get in focus each time. It´s frustrating! How works yours?
  7. 4:3 with x2 anamorphic=2.66:1. So,to get 2.39:1 with x2 lenses need a more tighten film gate,the film gate that allow sound track,isn´t? Some thing like that: http://www.ebay.es/itm/Anamorphic-film-gate-for-Kinor-35mm-movie-camera-/290768803627 http://thumbs2.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mwpGT42zKDOT_TzkhXsULSw.jpg I´ve shot 16mm (4:3) with 2x anamorphic and still getting 2.66:1. I think Alexa 4:3 with PV lenses,need crop in post to get 2.39:1.
  8. One more test. This time HD: The Lumix 20/1.7 works pretty nice with the Lomo,I can´t say the same for Nikkor 50/1.8,at f4 still soft.
  9. ProRes ungraded comparison: http://imageshack.com/a/img837/6046/7tha.png The Lomo on front as adapter. Dual focus,left (just my thumb) for Lomo and right hand for prime. I´m finishing the free hand rig with follow focus. I´ll show you when it´s done. Cheers
  10. yeah,you are right. At 1m have less compression,x1.7 or something like this,I think so. In this case squeeze for 1m to get medium shot with no fat faces,but is noticeable it need more horizontal stretching for infinite focus shots. Pushing in/up in post is a good idea,but the fact is that I really love breathing in anamorphic,it´s another one characteristic of these lens. I don´t want hide it at all. Could be a good way set up the horizontal stretching for 2m or 3m,a little bit spaghetti people in infinite focus but not so donut faces for close ups. http://www.freakingnews.com/Pictures/3/Donut-Diet.jpg Owen Parker. I thought you comment about Kubrick was ironic. I think John Carpenter could be more proud than any others. No matter the budget he film,he wanted anamorphic always!
  11. Century,LA7200,Generic,Soligor....all the same lens. No matter the build quality,yes matter the cylindrical lens inside. The dispersion in these lens is crap in my opinion. I used it for 16mm,S8 and HD some time. In any case,what matters is what you do with it.
  12. Hey fella! You know,I like more film stock,but.... Por eso la compré,es muy diferente al look de las HDSLR. No solo por el rango dinámico,también por como reacciona a la sobreexposición de forma suave,muy parecido al stock (salvando las distancias)
  13. Mine is a prime one,35mm T2.5 square front. Can dissemble the rear lens (spheric) and use the front anamorphic block with other lens. I can use until 24mm (APSC) without vignetting for extreme wide angle. (12mm or 14mm in s16) The distortions get too much psychedelic. Check google,a lot of info about ;) Cheers
  14. It´s a camera attached to a lens! :lol: No,the Lomo is heavy (less of 1Kg) but not so big,is short. Still a compact rig. 3.56 is too much. I´ve put marks on the LCD finder to composing like 4:3,so will crop at least to vintage 2.66:1. Yeah,the rack focus bring me a lot of new possibilities,especially if my intention is shot camera handled or shoulder. Also the s16 sensor is nicely with fast f stops,can get more light without lose to much DOF. f2 looks like f4 or more. Cheers Jean-louis, Thanks for comment. I´ve the Century...bull s***t lens,can´t understand why people pay $$$$ for those no achromatic lens adapters. Anamorphic is not necessary on digital,it´s all for the look and with these adapters the look is not so cool like an x2 lens. I know people that prefer use vintage x2 and then crop the sides,that use a new Hawk x1.33. Isco x1.5 could be a great choice,but still 2m close up and the price! :blink: people get crazy! Lomo from 1970 is not the best lens,but I have´t $$ to buy rent PV anamorphic.
  15. Just a test: No HD sorry,but it´s just to see the atmosphere can get with this little camera. Too much wide,I´ll have to crop the sides,it´s a little bit ironic,but you know..I like this look. Testing night,flares (not just the blue streak,looking more for the halos in highlights ), pull focus....I got the way to do double focus,now I can rack focus with anamorphic..I´m happy! I need another spherical lens for my square front Lomo,the Lumix 20/1.7 looks cool,very sharp for anamorphic,but all f****ing electronics,no way to know focal length. The last (cat) shot is done with a 30/1.4 full open. The idea is get a similar look to a 40mm anamorphic of 35mm.
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