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  1. Did you ever get a chance to test it out? I'd be curious to see what it looks like...damn though that sounds the a prime canidate for photographing the sun or like the other poster said desert during daylight, no ND filters on a nice giant aperture lens like oh say a Vantage T1 :D
  2. I saw this thread: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?s=1c2ca0bd1a2159d4d0a34cbd6d9102cb&showtopic=12419&page=2 Among many others on the internet. I get the jist of it but I didn't want to base my research off circa 2006 data since film is uh on life support or at least was but still. I'm curious about using Eastman Double-X 5222 in my 35mm SLR, the reason I ask is because when I saw the movie Raging Bull I realized that those fight scenes in the ring were easily the most beautiful thing I've ever seen...now I realize that I'm probably not going to get the look perfect but I l
  3. Same with Michael Mann....I'm not sure how he went from making a movie as great looking and awesome as "Heat" and then makes a movie about John Dillinger with a High Definition Camera and makes it look all videoy (I loved the story just the cinematography was bad) and don't get me started with Miami Vice....although I love Collateral's look. Humans often do things just to be different for a multitude of reasons, I just hope they can realize when a journey is less about style and more about switching it up just to switch it up they can say "Jeez maybe I should go with what looks like cinema".
  4. Yeah I probably wouldn't rent a Scarlet if it summed up to the price of a Blackmagic camera or say an FS100 with an external recorder....I'm just saying that one of these days I want to get my feet wet with RED on a project even if I only have the camera rental for 2 days I'd like to get the experience...by no means am I saying its the only option I view. The Blackmagic cameras are very affordable and I love their features, I just have to sort of wait for them to be available in my area (I live in Upstate NY and not NYC so its harder to find this stuff). As for a frankenmonster camera setup, t
  5. It would make sense to originate in ProRes but the RED Epic doesn't allow for that unless you use an external recorder right? And the idea of using an external recorder from say the SDI out of a RED seams somewhat odd, is the signal from the SDI output even designed for capture? It seams like its soley for monitoring....this is assuming RED's have a normal SDI output (which I believe they do but I'm not 100% sure). The reason I asked the somewhat strange question is if you went to a rental house and had the option of say a Canon 7D and a RED Scarlet you might feel the Canon is not enough for y
  6. Yeah I realize that...I've shot RAW but not on the RED cameras, although I have worked with RED Footage but just sample footage but overall would the coversion to ProRes save space in post production overall? ProRes HQ is a great codec, even regular ProRes, but yeah I'm familiar with the Blackmagic workflow. At least with RED you can choose the compression ratio, I'd likely shoot 18:1 for most of the stuff with 8:1 or 3:1 for critical scenes, thats how I use RAW lately on other cameras, shoot regular codecs for the majority and scenes that I anticipate to need a little bit more I shoot in RAW.
  7. Sorry to necropost but I have some questions and I didn't want to open a new thread....People say they fear RED for the massive files and well...thats resonable! BUT is it wrong to rent say a Scarlet or even an Epic and following the shoot convert straight to ProRes at a lower resolution like 3840x2160 instead of 5K or now 6K? People seam to say that defeats the purpose of RED but with the Alexa so many shoots are ProRes only and honestly I would rather just have a nice 200mbps+ codec over dealing with massive storage needs of RAW. Reason I ask is because it seams Alexa = more expensive than R
  8. Thanks a bunch David! I find it interesting when production's mix formats, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty looks like it will be interesting to see how the image looks. Does anyone make straight contact prints anymore? I always thought today with exceptions like Chris Nolan/Wally Pfister movies the preference was to do a DI and then do a film out...
  9. Alright I think I've read the history of anamorphic about 9000x (half of which has been elegantly laid out by David Mullen thank you!) but there are still some ideas that are fuzzy to me that I'd like to get cleared up as well as questions about some older formats in history that fascinate me. Anamorphic is definitely making a come back, I thought it was small but then I saw 3 different commercials in 2.35:1 with oval bokeh and squeezed backgrounds…whether they were actually using anamorphic glass or a flare/bokeh adapter is up for debate but when you start seeing anamorphic looking TV commerc
  10. Sorry to necropost but sort of a thread of interest for me. You wouldn't happen to be a focus puller would you? :D I get that focus pulling is hard but as David said you can stop down and up the ISO on something like a 5D Mk.III or D800....ISO 6400 on those cameras is pretty dang clean...besides focus pulling doesn't HAVE to be hard, I mean sure if you have some crazy shot where the camera operator and focus puller are on a track following a fight sequence moving back and forth with a one shot deal exploding car while using a 24-290 wide open at T/2.8 simaltanously doing a hitchcock zoom th
  11. I don't know but Denzil is quite the Actor....truly a talented guy and every role he's played its so realistic that I wonder if he actually struggled with alcoholism after watching "Man on Fire", "Flight" and pretty much anything else hes in. I'd love to meet him just to have a conversation because on and off the screen hes a real stand-up guy. I remember he was in a hospital for recovering soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen and he asked how much one of them cost to build and he just pulled out his check book, no words were exchanged...such a Denzel move.
  12. Hmm I'll have to take a look at that. Looks interesting, even if it isn't I've been known to watch movies soley for the good or unique cinematography. Just curious do you have any thoughts on the look? Would it be something you'd be interested in shooting on a project or are you more of a spherical guy? It seams that their is a small resurgance of anamorphic and its got me excited as I simply love the look (when done well). I read about the series..looks VERY interesting...I'll have to hunt down a source to view it. Interesting approach..I honestly didn't expect to see these approache
  13. Are their any movies/TV shows shot anamorphically in 1.78:1? This is probably confusing but I didnt have enough space to fully clarify. Are their any movies shot on say 4-perf with hawk v-lite 1.33x anamorphics to go from 1.33:1 (4:3) to 1.78:1 (16:9) / 1.85:1. I was thinking about this a few days ago, I sort of associate anamorphic with a certain time frame or at least the very obvious looks of C-Series. Hawks don't flare or look like C-series and they are 1.33x not 2x but I think it would be interesting to shoot a show for TV using something like an Arri Alexa 4:3 or 4-perf 35mm with 1.33x a
  14. Ah while I'm not a Star Wars aficionado I have had actual dreams of walking into my basement and discovering reels of my favorite and most beautiful movies with an Arri Scan next to them....back to reality! I think Chris Nolan would have a heart attack if he didn't photochem finish.....actually I think Chris Nolan would have a heart attack if he thought anyone thought a 4K DI was "enough" :P I believe their is an ASC Magazine issue on the editing process for The Dark Knight Rises...actually it might be just Inception but regardless Chris Nolan has a pretty intense view on film and pho
  15. Saw the trailer and I started to understand the responses here and else where...why not just do a sequal to District 9 or something? Either way Anamorphic Red Epic footage....interesting look in and of its self let alone everything else...
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