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  1. Hey guys! So I'm going to be shooting a short film next week with a low budget (surprise surprise) and we are shooting of the 5D Mark II. There are day interiors as well as exteriors and also night interiors and exteriors. I'm not going to have access to lights for the exterior shots (which sucks). Now my questions are: 1. How high can I go on the 5D in terms of ISO while keeping grains as low as possible? 2. If I do encounter grains and have no choice but to shoot, are there any tips for post work to help reduce the grains without loosing on details much? (I know there will be some loss but that's ok) 3. For the night exteriors, I don't have wide shots but what I am worried about lighting the MS, MCUs and CU shots. There are street lamps overhead from where the character is going to sit but there's no power supply around as far as I know (will confirm) But as a back up, are there any tricks to add some illumination on the character's face? (I'm thinking a bounce board to get some fill coming from the streetlamp and if possible/needed I'll use my motorcycle's headlight from a distance, bounced) and one of these can be gelled. Im going to be shooting with the Optimum PP Setting - Sharpness - 0 Contrast - 0 Saturation - 2 points down. Any tips or tricks for post, while shooting or otherwise would help! Thanks and Cheers!
  2. Hey everybody. I was wondering if there's an online site where I can find detailed information on filters for cinematic lenses and lights? Preferably downloadable PDF files.
  3. Hey Martin. So sorry for not getting back to you. I just got to my computer today. Anyways looks like your situation worked itself out :) The screen caps look great! Cheers!
  4. Hey Martin. You forgot to mention which camera are you going to be shooting with cus then we can work out whether you can do an iris pull or not hence solving your exposure problem.
  5. Hey guys! Im a student of Cinematography studying in Mumbai,India. Its great to have such a forum for cinematographers all over to interact and help one another and I hope to be of some service to you guys someday! Anyway to the point. I was thinking of running some tests on my Canon 600D. Im also planning to do a 5D and 7D side by side test along with the 600D. Apart from wanting to get a better perspective on where these cameras stand video wise, I want to do it to learn for myself and to be able to tell the difference between them. I know I want to do a latitude test, a lighting ratio test, a motion test, ISO levels test (Int and Ext, Day and Night) and FPS tests. But any suggestions on other test that I can try? Maybe something you've heard of or seen. Anything would be appreciated! Thanks and Cheers! Hiren Kachchhy
  6. Hey Arun. Great montage man! Was this a personal project or did you work with some one on it? Also which software(if any) are you using for post? P.S- Where from are you?
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